Sunday, November 28

Brazil approved transgenic wheat developed by Bioceres and Conicet: the keys to an Argentine impact

HB4® wheat is a 100% Argentine development, a product of the public-private collaboration of more than 18 years between the company and the research group of the Instituto de Agrobiotecnología del Litoral (CONICET-UNL), led by Dr. Raquel Chan, responsible for the research leading to development.

The HB4 wheat varieties have a sunflower gene incorporated that increases tolerance to drought conditions, reducing yield losses due to water deficit.

In this sense, according to company sources, the approval in Brazil confirms what the Argentine authorities had ruled: HB4 wheat is safe for the environment and for human and animal health. “Bioceres presented all the requested evidence, it was evaluated and we obtained approval”, they pointed out.

“How is the process going?” I ask Á “Regardless of the approval by Brazil, Bioceres will continue to manage the production of HB4 wheat seeds and grain under the identity preserved program that was used in the last two campaigns to guarantee the traceability of our production. It is important to highlight that both the seed and the grain produced are 100% owned by Bioceres ”, they held.

In this line they pointed out that “Bioceres will continue to implement the Stewardship and biosafety protocols, auditing the sowing, harvesting, storage, and transportation processes. It has been working for more than 10 years with regulated crops, and has always maintained very high safety standards and without any negative experience, neither in wheat, nor in soybeans, nor in other crops. Work will continue on the regulatory aspect. The company has started deregulation processes in Uruguay, Paraguay, the US, Colombia, Indonesia, South Africa and Australia. “

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