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Brazilian asks the Senate to ban cryptocurrency mining in Brazil

A Brazilian went to the Senate page to ask that cryptocurrency mining in the country be banned. It is worth remembering that Brazil has no regulation on this topic so far.

The Legislative Idea is a space opened by the Federal Senate for Brazilians to present their thoughts and proposals for the future of the country. Part of the National Congress, the senate can consider requests that reach at least 20 thousand votes, at which time the Idea becomes a Legislative Suggestion.

In Brazil, more than 30 ideas proposed by the population to date have already become bills or PECs, showing that this tool has a certain power to cause changes.

Brazilian wants to ban cryptocurrency mining in the country

A proposal entitled “Green Milestone of Computational Electronics”, presented by Federal District resident Fernando Isnaldo caught the attention of the Brazilian cryptocurrency community.

For his proposal to improve the environment, Fernando suggested banning the mining of cryptocurrencies in Brazil, especially those “that require full computing power“.

In addition, the Brazilian asked that after the end of support from the manufacturer, documentation and source code for drivers and firmware be released to customers. Another measure proposed by Fernando is the facilitation of repair by third parties, without specifying what these two measures are about.

According to him, this would combat programmed obsolescence, which is the practice of disposing of electronic products after little use, as newer equipment has been released by manufacturers in the market. Other justifications are to improve the “energy efficiency and reduce the production of electronic waste“.

Legislative idea presented in the Federal Senate wants to ban cryptocurrency mining in Brazil / Reproduction

The unusual idea has a total of 0 supports until the time of writing. But what stands out is that the author of the proposal published on the social network Steemit four years ago, teaching people mining the Zencash cryptocurrency.

O Livecoins He contacted Fernando to talk and understand what motivated him to ask for the end of mining, an area in which he has already taught techniques in the past, but it was not possible to talk to him until the end of the article.

It is worth remembering that China was one of the countries to ban Bitcoin mining in 2021, a practice seen as an authoritarian measure by the world cryptocurrency market.

Another cryptocurrency legislative idea

As the space for legislative ideas is open to the Brazilian population, anyone can ask for whatever they want there, with no guarantees that their desire will in fact prosper.

Thus, several legislative ideas have already been presented with the theme of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Another one presented in recent days even asked for Bitcoin to be made legal tender in Brazil, with 799 supporters this Thursday (18th).

To support any legislative idea, just go to the page, click on the support button and then authenticate yourself in the Federal Senate system, with registration that requires some data. Even so, the support of 20,000 people does not imply that the idea will one day be approved, as the process for this can take years of discussions.

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