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Brazilian creates special coffee in honor of the creator of Bitcoin

A Brazilian who caught the attention of the national financial market for selling special coffee pays tribute to the creator of Bitcoin.

As a The Coffee Trade, Thiago Trovo says he has created a product to meet the demanding traders of the national financial market, who deserve better products to enjoy while carrying out their operations.

Introducing himself as a “Coffee Adviser”, he created his company in 2020, after going bankrupt operating on the Brazilian stock exchange. To Livecoins, Thiago told a little of his story, including the cryptocurrency market.

Sixteen years of experience with specialty coffees

After entering economics school, Thiago Trovo saw an opportunity to dedicate himself to an area he liked best: café. When he dropped out of college in his first term and at age 18, he dedicated himself to finding out more about this fruit and how it could better reach consumers.

Born in São José do Rio Preto, he moved to São Paulo, and with his experience he had the opportunity to move to Canada. There, he deepened his studies on coffee, with three years of knowledge about roasting and sensory experiences that changed his relationship with this market.

However, he identified that to improve his knowledge he should return to Brazil, to be closer to coffee production. Upon his return, he worked 1 year for BSCA in the specialty coffee sector.

After this experience, he spent 8 years in a group selling Brazilian coffee around the world, with several business trips and further deepening his knowledge of the market that he fell in love with from an early age.

During the pandemic, he was in a roasted coffee export job, but he was already trading Dollars on the exchange. In December 2020, coming from a streak of gains, Thiago had a big loss on the Brazilian stock exchange.

Trying to recoup his loss, he lost all his money, completely bankrupt. At this time, in conversations with traders friends, the idea of ​​The Coffee Trade emerged, a company in which it is the sole owner and was created to serve the traders’ market.

Is it worse to drink bad coffee than to lose money in your purse?

Aware of the risks of losing money on the stock market, Thiago believes that drinking bad coffee is even worse, especially in the long term. According to investor Trovo, this is a fruit that must be in good condition to be taken, something that traditional coffee does not offer.

The benefits of consuming quality coffee are vascular, preventing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even more disposition, explains the expert.

“Without a doubt, in the long term, drinking traditional coffee is the biggest loss for traders.”

Thus, Thiago created a company that not only sells coffee, but also knowledge about the subject. According to him, whoever buys his products “gets a freebie”, a consultancy, which can clarify doubts about coffee consumption, from the correct use of the items to understanding the technical details of production.

In addition, he guarantees that his products have quality from production until reaching the consumer, and also works with the diversification of product lines with the so-called “Conservative” and “Bold”.

Consumers who choose the Arrojado line have a different experience, with coffees that are champions of competitions, among others with special lines.

“I don’t understand much about Bitcoin and I’m even afraid of its volatility”, says a Brazilian who sells coffee in honor of the currency’s creator

The Coffee Trade has sought to create special coffee brands associated with the financial market and with satires. One of the coffees sold is the Star Loss, which carries the image of “Nonô, o Vovô Investidor”, a famous humor profile on Financial Twitter (FinTwit) that shares its losses in market operations.

But a special item among the products is the Satoshi Nakamoto’s Coffee, a declared tribute by Thiago to the creator of Bitcoin. According to him, this special coffee takes unique characteristics of the bold line, influenced by a roasting style present in Japan.

“Nakamoto’s, which is an obvious tribute to the creator of Bitcoin, is a hello to the market audience.”

The beans used in this coffee come from the mountains of Espírito Santo, being one of the most special coffees produced by The Coffee Trade, which formally opened in February 2021, according to its owner.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Coffee, the Brazilian coffee in honor of the creator of Bitcoin /Credit: The Coffee Trade

In conversation with the Livecoins, Thiago said that he has already accepted Bitcoin as payment on only one occasion, a small amount that he has not converted to Real. Structuring to improve his e-commerce in 2022, he believes he should put Bitcoin as a payment option soon.

As a stock exchange investor, now more cautious after going bankrupt last year, Trovo said he doesn’t trade Bitcoin, an asset he still fears due to volatility. Regarding his knowledge in the sector, he considers that they are still low, even though he has been a stock exchange investor for six years.

Its platform only works with orders, so it is not possible to pay for the product directly through the website. In the next year he plans to implement payment methods and even create a coffee subscription system, a scenario he is working hard to allow his customers to have more and more unique experiences with his product.

It is worth remembering that, in the Bitcoin community, the desire to buy a coffee with digital currency in everyday life is one of the biggest dreams of technology enthusiasts.