Monday, May 29

Brazilian earns BRL 200,000 in one day by reselling NFTs

With NFTs still growing within the market, it is not uncommon to see stories of people who are taking the opportunity to make money from this sector, one of these people is the Brazilian Rodrigo, also known as The cat, from the Youtube channel NFT on the Moon.

He recently told on his channel how he managed to earn BRL 200,000 in a single day by reselling NFTs.

On his YouTube channel where he talks about NFTs, El Gato told about how he sold an NFT from the collection CLONE X de Takashi Murakami. The NFT in question was sold for 10 ETH, the value, at the time of sale, of US $ 38.493, around R$ 221 thousand at the current dollar exchange rate.


El Gato explained that he bought the NFT for 3 ETH, around US$12,000 at the time of purchase. In addition to the NFT sold, he bought another one from the same collection at the least price, if he manages to sell it, he will make the same profit as the first sale, which is great.

NFT from the same collection that El Gato is still selling on OpenSea

The art buyer is already selling it again, this time for 33.3 ETH, triple the price they paid, showing how quickly this particular collection is gaining in value.

According to El Gato, he was lucky because the collection also started to gain attention after Nike’s involvement.

El Gato believes that everyone can invest in NFTs

Speaking about his success, El Gato stated that he believes that investing in the NFT market is a possibility for anyone. El Gato, who started with little money and earned from NFT sales, said it’s possible that anyone can study projects and try to enjoy profits as a career.

“(…)Cryptopunk was released for free, so it’s not about that (price) it’s about chasing, fighting. Sooner or later there’s going to be an airdrop at some point I’m going to have a chance,” he said as he explained how to find cheap NFTs.

But he also cautioned that it’s not just going to buy NFTs from any collection in the hope of some appreciation.

“Be careful, don’t go out buying anything. The first thing you have to look at is look for a collection and study and study and study. NFT is very dangerous, but there are several paths and you can study, ‘allow yourself’”, advised the creator of content about NFTs.

Check out the video in which El Gato tells his entire journey with the sale of the NFT for R$200,000.