Monday, May 29

Brazilian fund manager criticizes CFA for including crypto assets in evidence

A famous Brazilian fund manager criticized the institution responsible for the certification Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) for including crypto assets in the proof. As an international test for those who intend to work in the traditional financial market, it is considered one of the most difficult.

It is worth remembering that to work as an analyst or fund manager this degree is necessary.

According to the CFA Institute, the test is one of the strictest in the industry and less than 1 in 5 people enrolled in the test manage to obtain a degree. That is, for professionals who manage to obtain it, the differential is great, as well as the possible gains in the market.

It is worth remembering that “cryptoassets” is the name that GaFi and central banks around the world have given to cryptocurrencies, as they consider Bitcoin a speculative investment asset and not a currency.

Brazilian fund manager criticizes the adoption of crypto-assets in the CFA test

On January 7, 2021, the CFA Institute Research Foundation published a survey on the cryptocurrency market, citing blockchain technology, Bitcoin and other projects that are in this market.

As early as January 12, 2022, the CFA of the Philippines published more on the subject, involving regulations, prices and taxes. In other words, globally, the institution has been talking about the subject for a few months.

With these publications, what many did not expect is that the institution that takes care of the CFA would start to include “cryptoactives” in its tests, which are already considered difficult by those interested. At least that’s what Brazilian fund manager Pedro Cerize said.

Known in the market as the main partner of Skopos Investimentos, he announced that the arrival of cryptocurrencies in CFA certification is a sign that the bubble has burst, making it clear that you are not a fan of the technology.

The CFA has not yet issued a statement on where the “cryptoassets” were placed, but in the exams there is an option of alternative investments at Level I, which may have been the place where candidates will have to study on the subject.

Bubble also in the American economy and possible end of the Euro

Anyway, manager Pedro Cerize is a professional with an eye on the behavior of the world economy and even believes that there is room for the Dollar to face a major problem soon. In other words, the US economy is also experiencing a bubble, which could burst.

In this context, he believes that the Euro is unlikely to survive long, and could die with this crisis. In this way, the manager contributed to the understanding that the crisis is complicated for the great powers.

in conversation with the Livecoins, he told why he believes the Euro is unsustainable.

“It’s a long story. But the fundamental problem is that single monetary policy, single currency and independent fiscal policy are not going to hold up.”

What does a professional with CFA do?

Anyone who intends to become a financial and investment analyst in the market should seek to achieve CFA certification, a world reference in the area.

With this certificate, the professional can work in several countries, as it is an international test. Thus, it is possible to work in financial consultancies, hedge funds, investment and research companies, in the insurance sector and even in private equity.

Certification is further divided into three levels. In addition to cryptocurrencies, the CFA Institute has also begun to observe ESG practices, which are increasingly sought after by investors in the market.