Wednesday, March 22

Brazilian Metaverse: Minister Marcos Pontes meets with Meta (ex-Facebook)

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), through Minister Marcos Pontes, talked about the metaverse with Meta, a new company that controls Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Meta has changed its entire innovation process to enter the virtual environment and bring more people to this reality. The expectation is that Facebook will create a centralized social networking platform that allows the experimentation of this immersion, with the help of virtual reality.

As the announcement of the change to this reality was made a few months ago, governments are still trying to understand how it works.

Marcos Pontes conducts a meeting on the metaverse with Meta and is already considering using the technology

Minister Marcos Pontes keeps an eye on new technologies to bring to Brazil a climate of technological innovation, which can help the country stand out in the world.

Recently, he made it clear that blockchain technology could be one of the focuses of the country, which needs to evolve. However, the astronaut is already advancing his thinking to include new options for innovation on the government’s radar, with the idea of ​​uniting public and private entities for the creation of startups and professional training in various sectors.

For the minister, the generation of jobs and services generates invoices for the country, implying that more taxes are collected by the union. According to him, the metaverse and quantum computing are two areas that could be included in the ministry’s priority.

“We define among the priorities of the ministry, enabling technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, but we can include the Metaverse and quantum computing in this area. Maybe we could have a partnership to develop a technology center for the Metaverse”.

In a meeting with Marcos Pontes, Meta representatives were open to dialogue and willing to talk to enable large-scale training in the metaverse in the country, as well as programming, digital citizenship, acceleration of startups and connectivity, according to the MCTI.

Minister Marcos Pontes in a meeting on Metaverse with Meta / Disclosure: MCTI

Will Meta support Bitcoin?

As announced last week by Livecoins, Meta is a company that is already hitting the market with the trademark registration citing Bitcoin, giving a possible show that the most famous cryptocurrency in the world can be integrated into the social network.

If Meta’s adoption of cryptocurrencies is confirmed, it will give its more than 2 billion users access to this financial innovation, which could throw new people into the sector and allow more facilities in decentralized payments.

It is worth remembering that Instagram is already working to support NFTs as well, which could be a fundamental part of the company’s metaverse.