Wednesday, May 18

Brazilian sued Google for the loss of 79 bitcoins

A user who suffered a theft for 79 bitcoins (BTC), about USD 4,300,000 at the current price, filed a lawsuit against Google in the Brazilian courts. The victim assumed the tech company was liable and asked for a refund for having her email hacked.

After a long judicial process that began in 2017, in the first instance, the court denied the request of the Brazilian Wagner Ferreira, who later he appealed to the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ), where the request was also denied in November 2020.

Later, Ferreira insisted when he went to the authorities of the Federal Public Ministry of Brazil, so in May of this year the case was reopened, whose appeal filed it was again dismissed on November 23.

The Brazilian Wagner Ferreira began a fight in the Public Ministry of his country with the idea that Google assume the responsibility that he says it has in his case.

As narrated by Ferreira to the TSJ, a hacker would have seized the 79 bitcoins that he had stored in his wallet of the cryptocurrency platform The plaintiff noted that his Gmail account was invalidated by a third party who subsequently transferred the BTC to an unknown wallet.

In addition, he claims that the hacker deleted all his e-mails, that he was unable to recover, and that Google has an obligation to recover the deleted information.

However the TSJ considered that the lawsuit against Google was without effect as he found no relationship between the email hacking and the theft of funds.

The simple entry into the [correo electrónico] it is insufficient to provide the entry into the wallet and virtual and consequently the cryptocurrency transaction. Therefore, the absence of a causal relationship between the damage and the defendant’s conduct prevents the latter from being held liable for the material damage suffered by the plaintiff.

Opinion of the Supreme Court of Justice of Brazil.

To enter a wallet, a user requires an email address and a personal password. Additionally, you have the option of enabling layers of security to protect your account in case of loss or theft of your password, something that Ferreira had not activated.

Another attack of phishing for the bitcoin ecosystem

Although no further details are provided, it is possible that Ferreira has suffered an attack of phishing. As CriptoNoticias explains, this technique used by cybercriminals consists of the online impersonation of an authority, company, page or even someone.

Its main objective is trick the victim into revealing their confidential information. In this way, an attacker could access the accounts or wallets and steal the victim’s funds.

In fact, in 2021 the attacks of phishing They have lined their claws towards cryptocurrency users, with an average increase of 22% only in what was the first half of the year.

In addition, during the second quarter of the year the number of attacks phishing to companies linked to the ecosystem they had increased by 13% in relation to those registered in the first three months of 2021.