Monday, January 24

Brazilian who acquired 39 CryptoPunks wants to help women understand the NFT market

The Brazilian “The Beauty and the Punk” (Beauty and Punk), which acquired, in 2017, 39 CryptoPunks has a new project for the WEB 3.0 market.

In conversation with the Livecoins, she asked to be called just “B“, narrating a little of her experience of years in the NFTs market, one of the first to believe in a project that has exploded in recent years.

Created by Larva Labs, CryptoPunks is a project of 10,000 NFTs created in Ethereum in 2017. At its beginning, this project went through a time when there was no community, but B remembers that he made the “Claim” of 39 CryptoPunks, purchasing these items only by paying network fees.

“2017 I invested a little in Ethereum and studying the project, I arrived at CryptoPunks. I claimed some items in the collection, which at the time were already lying. I didn’t get any aliens, but I got 4 monkeys, 2 zombies and some humans. After that I kept my portfolio.”

After putting a Monkey for sale, she saw on Twitter that her NFT had been sold, thus returning to the scene. After that, she created a Twitter and went back to following the NFTs market, which had been totally changed and now had a community.

The report, “B” remembers that she never intended to be a digital art collector before, but it ended up happening naturally because of her interest in acquiring digital art or getting into blockchain-created projects.

Businesswoman and digital/traditional art collector

Of humble origins in Brazil, B remembers that he had a hard journey, where he struggled very early on, and counting on the help of people who are important to him at various times in his life.

The Brazilian remembers that with all the experience she acquired, she started to be a collector of physical arts a few years ago. According to her, her investment portfolio even has a 16th century piece, by a woman artist that she admires a lot and managed to buy.

“For me it was a natural process to start investing in digital art, as I already had experience as a collector of traditional art.”

Today, she divides her time between her personal life, the blockchain community and a conventional job at a company in Europe, with plans to soon work only with cryptocurrencies.

Regarding investments in digital art, it has more than 500 NFTs, divided between the Ethereum network and Tezos.

“Asking female artists to constantly market their work is unfeasible. It’s time for women to be present in large numbers, permeating the entire ecosystem, not being the exception, but part of the norm”.

Two Brazilian women want to help people

With a friend who is also Brazilian, B She said that the time has come to repay the help she has already received, now focusing on women from emerging countries. Thus, the idea of ​​the Rise DAO, announced by her in recent days on her Twitter.

Rise DAO emerges as a need to place more women in the digital art market, making the space more equal between male and female artists. She remembers that the lack of incentives for some women keeps her away from the market, but B wants to help change that.

To found Rise DAO, she launched a 4-piece NFT collection, raising 2 Ethereum in less than 48 hours, which will be used to fund the project’s start-up. Today, this project has only two weeks of its foundation.

“We want to onboarding female artists for WEB 3.0, NFTs. We also want to teach women to program generative art, like p5.js a community-accepted language, and to be developers for decentralized blockchain projects.”

We will have a DAO to give feedback to the community

The Rise DAO project was born with an idea of ​​helping women and intends to have decentralized governance. Investors who contribute more than 1 ETH to the project, the sponsors, will have the right to vote, determining how DAO funds will be used.

In principle the project will focus on women from developing countries, but the aim is to raise enough funds to reach women from any countries that are interested in WEB 3.0.

“In the future, any woman who needs help making her digital art will be able to come to us.”

She recalls that Rise DAO’s focus will not be on getting returns from helping women, but rather on giving back to the community, an idea she said was similar to that of an NGO. Applications for women who want to participate in the project will be published on Twitter and Discord of the project.

Works created by the project’s future artists will be offered for sale on platforms already known in the market, but there are plans to create a marketplace for the project in the future.

For January 2022, we want to have the first Rise DAO class

Second B, collector, businesswoman and artist, by January 2022 the first Rise DAO class should be created. To finance this work, she created a collection for sale at the Foundation, with this resource that can be used to finance the beginning of the project that she dreams of putting into practice.

Enthusiast of NFT technology, B believes that NFTs allow artists to connect with a much wider number and range of potential collectors. In addition, she believes that the NFT royalty system benefits artists in the long run, which is not seen in the traditional sector.

These characteristics lead her to defend that women enter the space and make their careers in the sector, something she wants to put into practice.

“There is a lot of money involved in the NFT market, so it makes sense to take a little time to invest in getting new people into this market.”

Recalling her difficult childhood in Brazil, she said she understands the importance of having help to gain market share, and Rise DAO hopes to be a decentralized project to help people.

For the future, she believes that many blockchain applications will be fundamental for the evolution of the world, aligned with the metaverse, among other solutions.

In recent days, B gave an interview to the portal ArtNet, one of the top in the arts sector, where he also commented on his experience in the industry and how it all started. For those who want to follow and learn more about the Brazilian Rise DAO project B you can check everything through Twitter and Discord, already created by her and her co-founder.