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Breadmakers: 4 models to make bread at home

After the confinement that we experienced in mid-2020 -from March to summer-, many of us discovered a great passion in the kitchen. Above all, among all the dishes, a food that is not common to prepare at home stood out: bread.

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Although it is not a particularly difficult recipe, the truth is that it requires time and perseverance. Even more so if we take into account that, for many people, there must be a loaf of bread on the table every day.

As expected, there is a small appliance for the busy that allows them to make homemade bread without the need to be kneading or paying attention to the oven: the bread makers. To understand it easily, it is a kitchen robot “specialized” in making bread.

These types of devices, although they only have bread in their name, are much more versatile: we can make any pizza dough, biscuits, cupcake preparation, etc.

What should I look for when buying a bread maker?

It may seem that there is not much mystery when buying a bread maker and the reality is that there is not, but it is a good idea to have some issues in mind before getting one:

Number of programs.

Like any kitchen robot, bread machines have different programs to make different breads – white, wholemeal, etc. – or some doughs. The most basic, if we just want to prepare the morning bread ourselves, they have four, five or six programs.

The most complex ones can exceed twenty and include some interesting options such as keeping bread warm or even making jams.


One of the great problems of putting an appliance in the kitchen is space, since it is usually limited. If we do not want to be putting and removing the bread maker, we will have to measure very well how much it occupies and how heavy it is so that it fits as much as possible into our kitchen.

At the same time, it must be taken into account that it is an appliance that reaches high temperatures and, therefore, emits hot air. This is crucial, since we will not be able to place it anywhere.

Bread… for how many?

It depends on the number of people that we are at home, we will have to think about how much bread we will need. Being only one, with half a kilo we may have enough for a whole week, while if we are more, it may be over in a couple of days.

In addition to reviewing these points, it is important to keep in mind that bread makers are a somewhat healthier way of eating bread than going to any supermarket. Without considering that we can do it to our liking: add or remove ingredients, play with the proportions, etc.

Some recommended models

Moulinex Pain Doré 12 programs

Moulinex is one of the great kitchen brands and this bread maker is surely the best quality/price. This model has 12 programs including: bread, biscuits, various doughs, pasta, oatmeal cream and jam… which makes it very complete.

In addition, it has some very interesting options such as a programmable start -to have the bread ready when we get up-, a recipe book or 3 levels of toasting.

Moulinex Pain Doré OW2101 for €114.99

Panasonic Croustina SD

A more complex alternative, but also more expensive. The Panasonic Croustina SD is a bread maker with 18 different programs to make bread to our liking: crunchier, brioche, wholemeal… or even gluten-free.

At the same time, this device has different temperature sensors to ensure perfect baking and ensure that the crust is crispy without burning.

Panasonic Croustina SD-ZP2000WXE for €176

Cecotec Panificadora Bread&Co

Cecotec is another of the brands that have grown the most in recent years, especially for having a great quality/price ratio. The Bread&Co is a great option far from 100 euros for those who are simply looking for a bread maker to enjoy a good loaf every morning.

Despite its price, this device has 19 different programs to make: dough, yogurt, jam… and, obviously, bread. In addition, this model can also be programmed to have the bread made at the time we get up.

Cecotec Bread&Co Panifier for €70

Imetec Bakery

For the most demanding bakers, the previous models may fall a bit short. For these cases, the Imetec bread maker is ideal.

An appliance that has 20 different programs to make a wide variety of flours -oatmeal, peas, lentils…-, jams, gluten-free bread or, even, different types of bread such as ciabatta, rolls, plumcakes, etc. It also has three baking modes and is programmable.

Imetec La Panetteria+Zeroglu Bread Maker for €259.99

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