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Breaking Bad: this will be the key chapter of Better Call Saul | Digital Trends Spanish

Saul Goodman, Bob Odenkirk’s character, debuted in an episode called Better Call Saulthe eighth chapter of the second season of the series breaking bad.

The chapter in question was broadcast for the first time on April 26, 2009.

Now will there be a return of hand in the penultimate chapter of Better Call Saul? All because the episode will be called Breaking Bad and would have the special presence of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Although the details of that appearance are unknown, and if it really will be time to see them again.

The ninth episode had left everything ready for these characters to appear, since after his break with kim wexler We see to Jimmy McGill completely transformed into Saul Goodman sitting in the mythical office where he was first seen in breaking bad.

For now, the appearance of both characters in the next episode, which will be written and directed by Thomas Schnauz, is not confirmed.

A Better Call Saul He has only three chapters left before saying goodbye forever and putting an end to the story created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould.

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