Wednesday, July 6

Breaking news on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, live

99 days of war. Ukraine hopes that the arrival of Western weapons with greater range and precision will change its situation on the front, which is very complicated in the Lugansk region, where it already controls only 5% of the territory, and difficult in neighboring Donetsk, where Russia carries out continuous attacks. and prepares to resume the offensive on Sloviansk.

This Thursday, the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, meets with regional leaders to address, among other issues, the war in Ukraine and the consequences of the conflict in the supply of energy. In addition, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, visits Warsaw, where a decision is expected on the release of European recovery funds for Poland, pending progress in judicial independence to which the Polish Government commits.

On the other hand, Turkey is preparing its offensive against areas with the presence of Kurdish militias in northeastern Syria, in an attempt to force NATO to support the operation in exchange for lifting the Turkish veto on the entry of Sweden and Finland into the Alliance.