Wednesday, March 22

Breaking news on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, live

9:24 a.m.

A Russian projectile hits a residential building in a night of fighting in Kiev

The Ukrainian authorities have accused the Russian army of targeting populated areas and not just military targets. As reported tonight by the State Emergency Service, a Russian projectile would have hit a residential building in Kiev this Saturday, in an attack in which it is unknown, at the moment, if there have been fatalities.

The adviser to the Ministry of the Interior, Anton Guerashchenko, has described the attack as “one more brutality of the Russian occupiers that, in no way, can be hidden from the world and from the Russians.” The released images show a multi-story gap in the building, with about thirty floors, located several kilometers from the center of the capital.

Kiev has experienced intense shelling and fighting in the streets throughout the night. The Ukrainian army claims to have repelled the enemy incursion into a military garrison in the west of the capital and to have eliminated an enemy motorized column, while a Russian column, made up of tanks, trucks and other military vehicles tried to advance in the Berestéiskaya metro area and airborne forces would have landed at the Vasilkov airfield, 40 kilometers from the capital, according to the Ukrainian report.

“Intense military actions are taking place in the streets of our city at the moment. Keep calm and be very careful,” the Kiev City Council said in a statement, asking citizens not to go out into the street or look out. to the windows.

A column of some 100 Russian armored vehicles is advancing towards Kiev from the Víshgorod region to the north, according to local media reports. In the capital, loud explosions are heard due to Russia’s attempt to attack the Troieschchyna thermal power plant, one of the most powerful in the country, according to these same sources.

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9:07 a.m.

Russian Armed Forces claim to have destroyed 821 Ukrainian targets overnight

The Russian Armed Forces have reported the destruction of 821 Ukrainian targets during the early hours of Saturday. According to these sources, in the numerous attacks that have occurred tonight they would have used “high-precision weapons against Ukraine’s military infrastructure, which they destroyed with land and naval cruise missiles.”

Among these infrastructures, the Russian forces claim to have destroyed “14 military airfields, 19 checkpoints and communications, 24 S-300 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems and 48 radar stations”, in addition to “87 tanks and armored vehicles, 28 launchers multiple and 118 military vehicles and equipment”.

While the Ukrainian forces have reported the shooting down of 14 planes and 8 helicopters and the destruction of 102 tanks and 536 enemy armored vehicles, they have raised the loss of Russian military personnel to more than 3,000.

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