Wednesday, December 7

Breaking news on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

9:08 a.m.

Lviv registers several explosions, according to regional authorities

The head of the Lviv regional military administration, Makzym Kozytski, confirmed on Monday that several powerful explosions have been recorded around 09:00 local time (06:00 GMT) in the center of this city in western Ukraine.

“Residents of the Lviv region, the air defense is working. Stay in the shelters”, he warned the population in a Facebook message collected by local media, and announced that “there is a threat of new missile attacks”.

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8:57 a.m.

Several people die in the bombing in the center of kyiv, according to Ukraine

Several people have died in the bombing registered this morning in the center of the Ukrainian capital, according to the spokeswoman for the kyiv Emergency Situations Department, Svitlana Vodolaga, quoted by the Ukrinform news agency. “There are dead, there are wounded. We will have more details later. How much, I can’t say yet, because it’s still being reviewed.”

According to the Kyiv Independent newspaper, there have been at least four explosions in the Ukrainian capital this morning and plumes of smoke are visible in the city center.

This is the first time that the Ukrainian capital has been bombed since last June. After this first bombardment, new explosions have been heard around 09:16 local time (06:16 GMT), according to the Ukrinform news agency, which cites witnesses.

The attack took place the same day that others are taking place in several cities, such as Zaporizhia, where this morning the third bombing took place in five days in which, according to local media reports, at least one person has died.

Ukrainian media also report several missile explosions in the city of Dnipro, as well as attacks on Zhytomyr, near kyiv; Khmelnytskyi, further east on the bank of the Southern Bug River, and Ternopil (to the east, on the banks of the Seret River).

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8:29 a.m.

Putin meets the Security Council after the explosion on the Crimean bridge

Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet the Security Council on Monday, a day after he officially accused Ukraine of being behind the strong explosion that partially destroyed the Crimean bridge, the only one linking the annexed Ukrainian peninsula with Russia.

The Kremlin has only confirmed the appointment, but did not specify whether the meeting, of which only the president’s introductory speech is normally seen on public television, will address the bridge situation.

Hours after the explosion, Putin created a government commission to investigate the circumstances of the explosion, which occurred early Saturday morning when a truck blew up on the automobile part of the bridge and caused a fire in seven tanks. of fuel of a train on the railway line.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has so far reported at least three dead in the attack. kyiv, beyond celebrating the explosion with derision, has not officially ruled on who was responsible for the explosion.

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7:46 a.m.

Russia attacks the center of kyiv in the first bombardment of the capital for months

Several explosions have shaken the center of the Ukrainian capital, kyiv, during an air attack, in which there have been several victims, without the number being specified at the moment.

According to the Kyiv Independent newspaper, there have been at least four explosions and columns of smoke can be seen. The city’s mayor, Vitalii Klitchko, has said they have occurred in the Shevchenko district, a large area in the center that includes the old town and several government offices. The city council has communicated to the population that all underground metro stations function as shelters.

The Associated Press also reports that journalists at the scene have heard the shots and that appear to be the result of missile strikes. It is the first air strike after months of relative calm in the capital.

Two days have passed since the explosion that caused damage to the Crimean bridge, which was a setback for Moscow’s war logistics, which transported through this infrastructure heavy military equipment and supplies to the troops in southern Ukraine.

On Sunday, the Russian Armed Forces launched twelve missiles on Zaporizhia, in a new attack on civil infrastructure that caused at least 13 deaths and dozens of injuries, including children, according to data from the National Police and the governor of the southern region. It was the third missile attack in ten days against Zaporizhia.

7:32 a.m.

A new Russian attack in Zaporizhia destroys several floors of a building and leaves at least one dead, according to Ukraine

A multi-story building has been destroyed in the center of Zaporizhia as a result of a new rocket attack tonight in the city center, the head of the city’s military administration, Oleksandr Starukh, reported on Telegram, and collects the Ukrainian news agency, Ukrinform.

Likewise, the secretary of the city council of that city, Anatoly Kurtev, has confirmed in a Telegram message that at least one person has died in this attack. “Tonight the Russian terrorists once again ended the life of a civilian. Since six in the morning a victim is known. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends.”

In his message, Kurtev added that five other people, including a child, were injured in the attack and that rescue efforts continue.

“The terror of the enemy continues. As a result of the missile attack in the center of Zaporizhia, a multi-storey residential building was destroyed again. There are victims,” ​​Starukn wrote.

The head of the military administration notes that rescuers, doctors and all relevant services are currently working at the scene of the tragedy.

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