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Brief guide to choosing a food processor for less than 500 euros

Cooking is one of the activities that, if we do not have time to dedicate to it, the most tedious can be done. For this reason, for some years they have become popular the kitchen robots: technological allies that facilitate our work when preparing dishes.

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The kitchen robot most recognized by the public is surely the Thermomix, by Vorwerk. It is a device capable of making complete recipes and even vacuum-packing food… for more than 1000 euros. A price that can be high for many of us.

But that does not mean that we have to invest a thousand euros to enjoy a good food processor. exist some much cheaper alternatives and that, for most cases, they can help us in the same way in our day to day life.

But, among all of them, how to know which one suits us? What factors should we take into account when choosing one? In ConsumptionClear, we have prepared a short guide to help you.

In what cases can they be useful?

Except in the high-end models, such as the Thermomix, you should not think that you put the necessary ingredients and, after a while, the dish is ready to serve. In the medium ranges, around 500 euros, this does not happen, but anyway they can be a great support for our day to day.

If we are one of those people who telework or do not have much time during the day to dedicate an hour to the kitchen, robots can be our salvation. In the price range that we will discuss later, these devices can facilitate and streamline tasks like kneading, cutting, chopping, chopping or cooking, among others.

In this way, we will not waste time carrying out these processes but we will simply have to introduce the ingredients and follow the steps. So they are very useful during the week to waste less time cooking without giving up a large plate.

Kitchen robots can also be the “salvation” of those people who, either are not showers in the noble art of cooking, or do not like to dedicate an iota of their time to it.

In these cases, we are even more looking for a kitchen robot that does not come close to 1000 euros, but that allows us liberalize culinary work a bit.

What uses do we want to give it?

Now, if we fit into any of these profiles, we must also ask ourselves what (general) use we want to give our kitchen robot. Although it seems obvious, it is a step that, in many cases, we skip.

The usual thing in kitchen machines is that they are versatile equipment that allow us to carry out a large number of tasks or processes without the need to resort to other tools.

Most have accessories – such as spoons, blades, blenders, etc. – to be able to do them without problems, although we are obliged to change them according to what we need.

Therefore, if we are thinking of buying a robot for day to day, it is very important that it has chopping / cutting, cooking functions, different temperatures and a programmable pot function. This will allow us to prepare any type of dish that we want during the week.

Instead, if what we are looking for is a support for our weekend desserts, We will have to make sure that they have the necessary accessories (and functions) to knead and mix.

Cleaning method

It is of no use to us to buy a robot that needs to be washed by hand with each step or each use that we give it. Since the time that we gain thanks to it, we will waste it cleaning each part and each accessory that we have used.

Therefore, it is very important to note that parts are dishwasher safe no problem and save us that time too.

Some quick tips

Before diving into some models that are very far from 1000 euros, it is necessary to review some important points that must be taken into account before choosing a kitchen robot:

1. Programs and functionalities. As we have discussed before, not everyone does the same. Most of them can cut, steam, fry, knead dough, prepare creams (or soups), etc. and the most advanced ones allow you to program entire recipes.

In addition, you have to look at how these tasks are performed. In some cases, the kitchen robot can send the process to the mobile phone or let us know if it needs something specific, while others will require our presence and change mode at every step.

2. Materials and design. Although it may seem trivial, the material with which it is made and the design of the kitchen machines is very important.

In the case of the material, it varies a lot between models, since we can find from ceramic coating to steel or aluminum. We have to take into account the use we want to give it, the weight – in case we want to move it frequently – and if we want to wash any accessory in the dishwasher.

Regarding the design, although it may seem somewhat superficial, it is very important, since some kitchen machines have suction cups so that they do not move during the processes, handles to be able to take them when it is hot, etc.

3. Power. The power of a kitchen robot, measured in Watts (W), is a good indicator of its capabilities. Some functions, such as chopping food, require great force to perform them correctly, while others, such as kneading, not so much. Therefore, it is very useful to consider what programs you offer and how much power you have.

4. Screen and connectivity. Some models have LCD screens to control programs, review recipes, warn of the time left … and they make the use of the device really easy. Although it is not essential, it is advisable to look for an option that has a screen.

On the other hand, some have a Wi-Fi connection to update the software, the recipe book and even help us from our mobile through an app. For those looking to optimize time, it is a great option.

Four models with good value for money

Cecotec Mambo 8090

Cecotec is a benchmark brand in terms of technology, especially if we are looking for products with a great quality / price ratio. For 279 euros, the Mambo 8090 is a very complete kitchen robot that will greatly facilitate our day to day in the kitchen.

It is a device with a stainless steel jug with a maximum capacity of up to 3.3 liters and a built-in scale to weigh what we put into the jug. In addition, it can be washed in the dishwasher without problem.

Regarding the programs and functions, the Mambo 8090 boasts 30 functions, including: chopping, mincing, blending, fermenting, cooking in a water bath, mixing and a long etcetera. At the same time, it has a spoon that facilitates the kneading or spatula processes.

The total power is, in addition, 1700W, so it surely does not fall short at any time. More details of the product in this link.

Taurus Foodie – Robot

Still far from 500 euros, the Taurus Foodie – Robot is another of the alternatives that we can find for an affordable price: 349 euros (250 on sale). It is a multifunctional food processor with a stainless steel jug with a capacity of up to 3.5 liters.

As in the previous case, the number of functions stands out, exceeding thirty. Among them, you can find the typical ones for grinding, grating, chopping, kneading, confiting … and some more particular ones such as self-cleaning or butterfly.

In addition, all its accessories and the jug can be cleaned in the dishwasher and it has an LCD screen that makes it very easy to use and makes it very intuitive. More details of the product in this link.

Moulinex ClickChef HF4SPR30

For 379.99 euros, the ClickChef HF4SPR30 from Moulinex is another great alternative far from 500 euros. It is a compact and multifunctional kitchen robot that has some interesting additions, such as an automatic closure that does not allow the lid to be opened while cooking or that is especially quiet.

The ClickChef HF4SPR30 has 32 functions, including the most common ones such as cutting, slicing, boiling or confiting and other more interesting ones such as preparing butter, crushing ice or making sorbets.

All this accompanied by 5 automatic programs and a 3.6 liter jug. In addition, it has a high-precision scale and its own recipe book with 200 ready-made dishes. More details of the product in this link.


What if we don’t have much space in the kitchen and we are looking for something more compact? By 362.95 euros, the IKOHS CHEFBOT Touch kitchen robot may be the solution to our problems.

It is a particularly small and easy-to-use device, with a power of 1000W and a 2.3-liter capacity jug, as well as including 14 kitchen accessories (such as a blender or yogurt maker).

It has a Wi-Fi connection to update or add new recipes to the 100 pre-installed in the machine, in addition to having a color touch screen that makes the use of this device very intuitive.

Regarding the programs, the CHEFBOT Touch has 23 functions such as frying, sautéing, cooking at a low temperature, slicing, etc. and 12 speeds, including a Turbo. More details of the product in this link.

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