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Brief guide to give a video game console this Christmas

Whether it is Christmas Eve or Twelfth Night, Christmas is already here and there are many of us who are rushing until the last moment to get all the gifts for our loved ones. Especially since, as is the case, it may not be so easy to get it: video game consoles.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, these types of devices they are hardly found in stores -both physical and online-, with a few exceptions. Despite this, we may be thinking of getting one to give these holidays to our partners, friends, children, grandchildren, etc.

And we may not know very well what consoles there are and what differences they keep between them. Therefore, from ConsumptionClaro, we have prepared a short guide for you to find the ideal device to leave under the Christmas tree.

Nintendo – The Only Portable Option

Nintendo is one of the companies that, when it comes to video games, has been at the top for the longest time. From the classic NES to the Wii, the Japanese brand has always been a hallmark of quality, both when it comes to hardware and the video games themselves.

Currently, Nintendo has a main console which we can find in three versions: the Nintendo Switch. It is a device that combines at the same time a desktop console -that is, designed to be left in the living room or bedroom- and a laptop -which you can always carry with you.

Depending on the model we choose, some of the aspects of the console will be further enhanced. Therefore, we can find:

Nintendo Switch (normal). A hybrid format console – desktop + portable – that can be found very easily in most specialized stores or not. Being one of the longest-running games on the market, it has a wide video game catalog where we can find both big-budget titles and indies.

In addition, its control system allows up to two people to play on the same console without having to buy more controllers.

Nintendo Switch OLED. It is an improved version released in 2021 of the Nintendo Switch. In short, it has a better battery, a more elegant design with fewer frames on the screen and an improved panel that allows most titles to be seen better.

Nintendo Switch Lite. And, contrary to the previous one, a simplification of the Nintendo Switch. It is a portable version of the first, that is, it eliminates the concept of “hybrid console”.

Sony – PlayStation

The PlayStation is another of the most popular and recognized consoles, since its first version in the 90s. Last November, in 2020, Sony launched its latest console to date: the PlayStation 5.

A console that completely changed the design that, until then, had marked the family line and a clear commitment to 4K resolution. A technological marvel that will delight those looking for a great visual experience.

In addition, the console control, the DualSense, was an innovation by incorporating a vibration technology that helps greater immersion. This is achieved thanks to adjustable triggers, which can be made more or less hard depending on what we are playing; and haptic vibration, which modifies the sensation of movement depending on the scene.

There are also two versions of the console:

PlayStation 5 with Blu-Ray reader

– PlayStation 5 without Blu-Ray reader

Must take into account Something very important: Since its release in stores, it is really difficult to get any of these Sony consoles. To such an extent, the company has a shortage of this device that physical stores have been prohibited from offering them in establishments and it can only be purchased online.

Another option may be to go to the PlayStation 4, its predecessor. The price difference between this and the 5 is not so much, but there is greater availability and, having been on the market since 2013, it has a much broader catalog than that of the PS5.

Microsoft – Less money, more games

The Xbox is the other great representative of video game consoles. Currently, in a market strategy similar to other companies, we can find two devices, although with a greater difference in price and in the technical aspect.

First of all, is the xbox series x, which we can consider “the older sister” of the family. Like the PS5, it is a device prepared to support 4K resolutions at 60 frames per second and can be ideal for those looking for a better experience and, above all, have a television compatible with that resolution.

Secondly, we found the Xbox Series S, the “younger sister” that, for 200 euros less, lacks power for 4K resolution and a DVD player. This console is much easier to find in stores and, being smaller, it is more adaptable to most spaces.

Regarding these consoles, it is very important to note that if we are looking to minimize the budget, they are the best in quality / price. This is due to Microsoft’s subscription service: the Xbox Game Pass.

This works like, for example, Netflix: you pay a fixed amount per month and you have a whole catalog of video games. The levels are:

– Xbox Games Pass PC (9.99 euros per month)

– Xbox Game Pass Console (9.99 euros per month)

– Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (12.99 euros per month)

In this way, you can buy the console and a one-year subscription of the Game Pass so that we do not have to buy any game and the person to whom we give it to has a catalog of more than 100 games that is updated monthly.

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