Wednesday, May 18

British Health Minister admits breaking social distance by kissing his adviser in office




The British Minister for Health, Matt Hancock, has been the target of accusations in recent weeks for his alleged mismanagement of the pandemic of Covid-19 in the country, especially after a judge last February ruled that the ministry he directs had acted illegally by not disclosing the details of public health contracts related to the pandemic in a timely manner. However, the cherry on the cake has come in the form of a scandal in which his personal relationships are mixed with his professional work. And is that the newspaper ‘The Sun’ revealed this Friday that the minister broke the rules established to prevent the spread of the virus by maintaining an extramarital relationship with an adviser from his department, Gina coladangelo, with whom he appears kissing and hugging in images from the security camera of his own office dated May 6, thus violating the mandatory social distance at that time.

The guidelines in force since March 2020, which were relaxed on May 17 of this year, dictated that people should “stay at least two meters away from people with whom they do not live or who are not in their bubble support “, as well as” avoiding direct contact and face-to-face contact with people with whom they do not live. ” According to other local media, the woman is the sister of Roberto Coladangelo, Executive Director of Strategy and Innovation for Partnering Health Limited (PHL Group), a provider of primary and urgent care services to patients from the NHS (the national health system) and others «private healthcare partners”, As read on the company’s website.

The minister said in a statement that he was “very sorry” for having “defrauded” people by not respecting the rules of physical distancing, said that he remains “focused on working to get this country out of this pandemic” and asked that the law be respected. “Privacy” of his family with respect to what he described as “personal matters”. But the intonation of the mea culpa was not enough. The Labor Party called for his resignation for “abuse of power” and “conflict of interest”, and London Mayor Sadiq Khan said his behavior “makes it much more difficult for people to trust” the authorities.

“Subject closed”

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson considered the matter “closed”, as explained by a Downing Street spokesman, who detailed that the ‘premier’ accepted Hancock’s apology, in whom, the same source said, he continues to trust, despite who called him “useless” in a leaked message. The opposition called Johnson a “coward” for not firing him and accused the government of an attempted cover-up, while a group of families who have lost loved ones to Covid-19 demanded his dismissal or resignation.

“Hancock has treated grieving families with contempt,” said Hannah Brady, spokesperson for “Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice” representing more than 4,000 grieving families. “He has to go … he should be gone a long time ago,” he added. Last year, when the professor Neil Ferguson, a prominent epidemiologist and government adviser resigned after breaking anti-Covid rules to visit his lover, Hancock applauded the decision as “correct.”

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