Thursday, October 28

British military begin to distribute gasoline to alleviate the shortage

About 200 British Army soldiers, half of them drivers, have begun this Monday to transport fuel to the gas stations in the United Kingdom, in order to alleviate the lack of carriers, which has caused shortages and long lines to refuel.

I’m a British trucker and every time I enter the EU it’s a relief

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The soldiers, who had been on alert since last week, will focus first on the worst affected areas of London and southern England, in the so-called Operation Escalin, which was originally designed to deal with a possible shortage after leaving the country. of the European Union (EU) on January 31, 2020, has indicated a government spokesman.

The spokesman pointed out that “there are signs of improvement in the average level of stocks” at the service stations and also “demand continues to stabilize.”

The troops belong to the 3rd Logistics Support Regiment and have been trained in the distribution of gasoline by the Hoyers company of Thurrock, in the English county of Essex.

Last week the Government already authorized the use of state tanker trucks, driven by civilians, to collaborate in the supply of fuel, because, although there are enough reserves in the refineries, it does not reach the pumps due to a lack of carriers.

To face the deficit of some 100,000 truckers – also present in Europe but aggravated in this country by Brexit – the Conservative Executive will grant 5,000 temporary visas to foreigners. Transport employers have called the measure insufficient and insisted that nearly 100,000 additional workers are needed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who these days participates in his party’s annual congress, stressed this Sunday that he will not resort to “uncontrolled immigration” to correct the lack of labor, which extends to other sectors, such as the agricultural and hospitality.

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