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British police identify terrorist who blew up Liverpool taxi



The British Police identified this Monday as Emad al Swealmeen, 32, to the man who this Sunday caused the explosion of a taxi in front of the Hospital de Mujeres de Liverpool, in which the suicide bomber himself died.

“Our investigations are ongoing, but at this time we firmly believe that the deceased is Emad Al Swealmeen, 32,” Chief Inspector Andrew Meeks of the Greater Manchester Police said in a statement.

“Al Swealmeen is connected to both the Rutland Avenue address and Sutcliffe Street where the searches continue.”

Previously, the local press pointed out that the terrorist came from a Middle Eastern country and that the authorities did not have him under surveillance, reports the ABC correspondent in London, Ivannia Salazar.

“Highly probable” attack

The United Kingdom on Monday raised the country’s terrorist threat level to “serious”, the second highest. “We raised the threat level from significant to serious,” declared the Interior Minister, Priti Patel, on television, pointing out that the events in Liverpool were the second act considered terrorist after the murder of the deputy David amess one month ago.

This level of threat means that the risk of an attack is considered “highly probable”.

In the morning, the police had described as a “terrorist incident” the deflagration of a taxi, which occurred the day before in front of a women’s hospital in Liverpool, in the north of England.

Boris Johnson: «We will never give in»

The British people “will never be intimidated by terrorism,” the British Prime Minister declared on Monday. Boris Johnson. “We will never give in to those who want to divide us with foolish acts.”

On Sunday night, the anti-terrorism police reported the arrest of “three men aged 29, 26 and 21” under “terrorism law” in the Kensington area. This Monday, the Police announced the arrest of a fourth 20-year-old man.

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