Sunday, December 5

Brother of the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins” is arrested in the act in Cabo Frio

The brother of the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins” Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, Imerson Acácio da Silva was arrested in the act by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, last Wednesday night (3).

According to information provided by PC-RJ, the case was referred to the 125th DP, after Imerson was caught by the military police delivering drugs to a user. At the time of the action, people who were at the scene fled with the presence of the military.

Civil police said he tried to resist arrest and even got into a physical fight with the agents, but was eventually detained. He has several stints with the police, with a large criminal record in his disfavor, said the PC-RJ.

“The criminal has several stints with the police and was arrested at the time he was delivering a narcotic to a drug user. In its disfavor there are tickets for theft, four tickets for drug trafficking, illegal possession of firearms, evasion through violence against the person, damage, prison riot and bodily injury.”

According to an investigation by the RLagos portal, he even escaped from Cabo Frio prison in 2015, when several detainees escaped from the place.

Brothers are still arrested and investigated for different situations

Despite being the brother of Glaidson dos Santos, it is not clear whether Imerson has any relationship with the undertakings of his brother, who was also arrested in Rio de Janeiro by the Federal Police under Operation Kryptos.

That operation took place in late August 2021 and took Glaidson to the prison to explain about possible crimes being committed by him and several accomplices, with several people indicted in this case.

In recent days, Glaidson was also the target of another investigation initiated by the civil police of Rio, which pointed out that he was the mastermind behind the attempted murder of another businessman in the region, known as “Nilsinho”, who was a business competitor.

However, the state prosecutor’s office did not accept the recommendation, as there is not enough evidence to prove Glaidson’s involvement with this case so far, in a case investigated by the 126th DP.

Anyway, the brothers are still imprisoned, for completely different situations, being at the disposal of the justice for further clarification.