Thursday, December 8

Bruce Willis makes history: he is the first actor to sell his digital twin | Digital Trends Spanish

A few months ago we learned that Bruce Willis suffered from aphasiaa language disorder that forced him to announce his retirement from the acting tracks, however, the “hard to kill” does not want to leave the stage so quickly and in an unusual event he sold the rights to his digital image to a company called Deepcake that will create a digital twin of yours.

The company is based in Tbilisi, Georgia, and is doing business in the United States while registered as a corporation in Delaware.

This move allows the Hollywood actor to appear digitally in future commercials and possibly even movies, and he has already appeared in a Russian commercial using the technology.

Megaphon Brius Ullis

At the time, company engineers used AI technology to create a 4K “digital twin” of Willis. charging 34,000 “image fragments” from films such as The jungle of crystal Y The fifth element in your neural network. That data was then used to superimpose her face onto the stunt doubles’. In all, the company said it was a 14-day process, and now Deepcake says it only takes “three to five days” for its engineers to recreate it for potential new projects.

In a statement on Deepcake’s website, Willis said:

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