Friday, December 9

Brussels insists on the urgency of renewing the Judiciary after the new blockade of the PP

“Spain should proceed with the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary as a matter of priority”. This is how the European Commission expresses itself hours after the PP has again suspended the negotiations, this time with the excuse of reforming the crime of sedition.

“The position of the European Commission on this issue has been stated repeatedly,” insist the spokespersons for the Community Executive, “even in the country-specific recommendations of the 2022 Rule of Law Report.”

According to Brussels, therefore, “Spain should proceed with the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary as a matter of priority and initiate, immediately after the renewal, a process with a view to adapting the appointment of its members of the judicial career taking into account the standards Europeans”.

“Our position is well established and clear”, affirm the spokespersons, “it is in our report on the Rule of Law this year, where we have expressed a very clear position that it is very important to proceed with the renewal of the CGPJ as a matter priority. And it is also key that vacancies are addressed as a priority”.

“The Commissioner [de Justicia, Didier] Reynders has recently visited Spain and has dealt with this issue”, remember the community spokespersons: “We are in contact with the Spanish authorities. They have a clear recommendation. And we have underlined the importance of reducing the influence of the Legislative or Executive power over the Judiciary to strengthen judicial independence.”

Just two weeks ago, when the president of the CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes, resigned after four years in office, aggravated by the conservative blockade to renew the Constitutional Court, the European Commission signed: “The latest events reaffirm once plus the urgency to find a solution.”

“Our position is well known,” said European Commission Justice spokesman Christian Wigand: “In our 2021 Rule of Law Report we already expressed a clear position that it is important to proceed with the renewal of the Council of Justice. Judiciary as a priority.

The community spokesperson stated: “Thus, we will continue to closely monitor this issue. It is important to follow our recommendations, included some time ago in the State of Law report, as well as those made by Commissioner Reynders during his visit to Spain”.