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Brussels offers to reduce the bureaucracy of controls of the Irish Protocol by 80%

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The European Commission claims to have made a “great practical and imaginative effort” to facilitate the implementation of the Irish Protocol and proposes to the United Kingdom to simplify all customs procedures so that up to 80% of the customs procedures would be eliminated. controls and they would be simplified by sector, but the ultimate jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice will remain in the event of disagreement.

The Commissioner in charge of relations with the United Kingdom, Maros SefcovicHe said on Wednesday that he hopes the British Government will appreciate these proposals with a constructive spirit in a negotiation in which the EU insists that the so-called Irish Protocol cannot be renegotiated.

The protocol establishes that there are controls on goods traveling from Great Britain to the British province of Northern Ireland, where the rules of the Community single market continue to apply.

The person in charge of managing the Brexit in the London Government, David Frost, had warned that the protocol was unacceptable in its essence and requires a complete renegotiation.

The offer of the part of Brussels includes, in addition to a simplification of merchandise controls, the participation of the Northern Irish political institutions, companies and civil society in the negotiations, “always within the respect of the British constitutional order”, which means that the last word must be had by the Government of London.

Forbidden sausages

In the case of sanitary and phytosanitary controls, it is proposed to eliminate around 80% of the controls for most of the products of habitual consumption that are transported from the island of Great Britain to Northern Ireland, including certain types of highly valued sausages there but they are prohibited in the European market.

For this, carriers will only need one document for the entire truck load and not one for each type of product. The automobile components you will only have to provide basic information such as the invoice value and the parts of the transaction.

Sefcovic has been optimistic about the outcome of the negotiations and said that if the Irish Protocol is maintained “global investors can benefit from the exceptional situation in Northern Ireland if we can give them legal predictability” regarding the regulations in force.

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