Monday, May 29

Bryan LeBarón denounces that agreements by morenista senators destroy lives

The activist Bryan LeBaron demanded that the morenista senators who oppose the Special Commission on the Veracruz case to not protect the corruption because “their agreements and political loyalty destroy lives.”

LeBaron criticized in his social networks the decision of a group of senators who have called a meeting to discuss the existence of the Commission that a month after its formation has received 50 cases of probable violation of human rights and to the presumption of innocence in the state governed by Cuitlahuac Garcia.

In Twitter, the activist reminded legislators that in “Veracruz there are plenty of criminals ruling and innocents in prison”, so they should not forget that their loyalty must be with Mexico.

To document human rights violations and abuses of authority, the Senate Special Commission a day after the arrest in Veracruz of Jose Manuel del Rio Virgin, technical secretary of the Jucopo of the Senate, who was linked to the process without any evidence to incriminate him for homicide crime of the candidate for mayor of Cazones de Herrera, René Tovar.

Recently, the Commission documented that the case of Del Río Virgen is one of many acts of injustice committed by the government of Cuitlahuac Garcia against political critics or opponents, since the matter of the Senate official and collaborator of the senator Ricardo Monreal This is political revenge, in retaliation for exposing the political persecution that has been institutionalized in the Cuitláhuac administration through the application of the crime of outrage against authority.

However a group of morenist senators disqualified the Special Commission this Sunday, for which the activist published: “In Veracruz There are plenty of criminals ruling and innocent people in prison. To Senators who oppose the Commission, I say: your agreements and ‘political loyalty’ destroy lives. Do not protect corruption or what does Cuitláhuac hide? His loyalty must be with Mexico.”