Saturday, August 13

BTCPay Releases New Version Compatible With Bitcoin Taproot Update

Key facts:
  • The new version allows you to configure Lightning addresses as a human-readable URL.

  • It also adds other functionality, along with an update to the user interface.

The payment processor, BTCPay Server, launched its new version where it incorporates full support for the Bitcoin Taproot protocol, among other functionalities. The launch was announced on the project’s blog, this Friday, October 29.

BTCPay is the only bitcoin (BTC) payment processor that confirmed that would add support for “Pay to Taproot (P2TR)” outputs before activation, as we recently reported on CriptoNoticias. This functionality will be activated on the Bitcoin network at block 709.632. This will occur approximately 16 days from the publication of this report, as indicated in the data from

According to the announcement, when Taproot goes live, BTCPay Server version 1.3.0 you will have the ability to create and track wallets that use the new format. The project was working on this update since August of this year

Taproot was approved last June by Bitcoin miners, to be incorporated into the Bitcoin protocol through a soft fork (soft fork). This functionality is intended to improve privacy and add flexibility to Bitcoin smart contracts.

The BTCPay Server version 1.3.0 includes the option to create and track Taproot wallets, which can be used when the functionality is activated in the Bitcoin protocol.

Although BTCPay users will be able to create Taproot wallets from their activation in the Bitcoin protocol, the project advises against using them exclusively, since not all the wallets with which they regularly trade will be compatible with Taproot at first.

BTCPay adds “Lightning addresses”

The new version of BTCPay Server includes several of the improvements to the Bitcoin Lightning Network payment network. These include LNURL support, which will allow users to create a Lightning payment address, with a format similar to email addresses.

This functionality allows you to configure human-readable payment addresses, instead of the typical alphanumeric string that Bitcoin addresses use. In addition, it has the advantage that an invoice is automatically generated for each payment sent to a unique address. Additionally, the LNURL protocol adds other improvements to the user experience, such as creating an invoice without a predefined amount and leaving comments when making a payment.

The user interface also received some modifications with the help of the Bootstrap web design library. According to the statement, the update allows “users with minimal technical knowledge” to take full advantage of the application.