Monday, January 17

BTG Pactual increases exposure to cryptocurrencies with new fund

BTG Pactual increases its product portfolio with exposure to cryptocurrencies, by launching yet another fund linked to the sector. Called “BTG Pactual Reference Ethereum 20“, the new fund was announced this Tuesday (7). With it, the product will have 20% exposure to Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, below Bitcoin.

BTG Pactual (BPAC11) is the largest investment bank in Latin America. To work with the cryptocurrency market, the bank announced the Bitcoin and Ethereum brokerage called Mynt, announced in September 2021.

In May, the bank had already launched another multimarket fund linked 100% to Bitcoin, showing that in recent months, BTG Pactual went after cryptocurrencies.

BTG Pactual launches yet another multimarket fund linked to cryptocurrencies, this time on Ethereum

In a release statement shared with Livecoins, BTG Pactual reports that “expands its portfolio to offer another safe and accessible option for investors who want to enter the universe of cryptoactives“.

For André Portilho, partner and head of Digital Assets at BTG Pactual, the creation of the fund was designed to democratize access to the cryptocurrency market, which has driven the bank to create these funds.

“Cripto is already known practically all over the world and Brazilian investors have been following the growing relevance of this sector, but they do not necessarily dominate the bureaucracy necessary to operate this asset. Now he can have this exposure as easily as he is used to investing in any fund”.

Whoever intends to invest in the new multimarket fund BTG Pactual Reference Ethereum 20 will have 20% exposure to Ether. The other 80% are invested in fixed income.

To invest in the fund, investors can invest at least R$ 100.00, with an administration fee of 0.5% per year. There will be no performance fee charged on this product, which is the 14th in the Reference family of BTG Pactual.

Portilho also stated that investors who know the cryptocurrency market have as their most natural options the diversification between Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two largest currencies. He believes that for the future, these will play an important part of the revolution that is this market.

“Cryptoactives are already transforming the way capital circulates around the world and we still have room for a real revolution in the way people interact with money. Bitcoin and Ether will be relevant vectors of this transformation”.

The bank’s Reference family focuses on investments that are underrepresented on the stock exchange, such as cryptocurrencies, technologies and the ESG sector. Created in 1983, this is a traditional investment bank in Brazil and region.