Monday, September 25

BUA Cement Plc loses over N252 billion in market value

At the end of yesterday’s trading session, BUA Cement Plc share price led losers to depreciate by 10.00% to close at N67.05 per share, taking the market capitalization from N2.52 trillion to N2.27 trillion.

BUA Cement Plc recorded a loss in share prices which can be attributed to investors’ negative sentiment which triggered sell-offs in the shares of the company supporting a loss of N252 billion in market capitalization at the close of trading activities on Nigeria’s stock exchange.

The shares of the cement maker declined from N74.50 per share at the start of the trading day to N67.05 per share, the lowest price traded at the close of the market, to represent a loss of 10.00% which in monetary terms is N7.45.

Stock performance summary

The decline witnessed in the shares of BUA Cement influenced the company’s market capitalization negatively to move from N2.52 trillion to N2.27 trillion at the end of the trading activity, taking the loss to N252 billion.

The shares of BUA Cement Plc have declined by 13.32% from year-to-date, starting the year at N77.35 and currently traded at N67.05. However, the shares of the company have returned about 11.75% gains for investors who bought them at their 52-week low trading price of N60.00 per share.

During the day’s trading hours, 443,624 ordinary shares of Bua Cement Plc worth about N29.74 million, were exchanged in 104 executed deals.

What you should know

At the end of the day’s trading activities, the NGX All-Share Index and market capitalization depreciated by 1.08% from the previous trading day, to close at 41,807.10 index points and N21.82 trillion respectively.

The NGX Industrial Goods Index depreciated by 3.91% to close the day at 2008.28 points from 2090.00 index points.