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Budgets, item by item: how our money will be spent in 2022

What will your taxes be spent on in 2022

Budget for each budget policy in the General State Budgets (PGE). Select a year and click on each item for more details

Source: Ministry of Finance

The Government has presented the draft General State Budgets (PGE) for 2022 with the highest spending figure reached to date: 458,970 million euros, 0.6% more than the previous accounts for 2021, which already contained a great expansion of spending dedicated to alleviating the economic and social consequences of the pandemic. Of this amount, 37% will be to pay the pensions.

Practically all the items go up again in this Budget with the exception of Health, which falls due to the reduction in the amounts allocated to the purchase of vaccines against COVID-19, or unemployment benefits, with the improvement of the employment situation and the exit of workers in ERTE.

The spending figures slightly exceed the 456,073 million budgeted in 2021, but they do maintain an important distance with the accounts approved – and extended for several years – by the Minister of Finance with the PP Cristóbal Montoro in 2018.

What are the games that have risen the most this year? Although the budget has increased in most general spending policies, the largest increases go to promote access to housing, Culture and the chapters devoted to commerce, tourism and SMEs.

In the case of Culture, it represents an oxygen pump with the largest budget in the history of democracy, including 200 million euros for the youth cultural bonus. A record that is repeated in other spending policies, even with the data adjusted for inflation. This is the case of the amounts allocated to Research and Development, Education, Defense or Justice that reach the highest amount in the 21st century.

In absolute numbers, the largest increase in spending is devoted to paying pensions: almost 8,000 million more than the previous year due to the increase in pensioners and benefits. The chart below shows the comparison of spending on each policy between 2022 and previous budgets.

Many specific spending programs go up compared to the budget approved in 2021, according to data published by the Ministry of Finance.

For example, access to housing increases by more than 1,000 million, mainly for accessing and refurbishing homes and public buildings. This is also the case of the youth rental voucher, for which 200 million euros have been budgeted to pay 250 euros monthly to young people who live in rent and declare little income.

But, has spending increased compared to 2021 in each specific item? The following search engine allows you to see which specific items have risen the most in this Budgets project and how they have evolved since 2002.

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