Friday, September 30

Buenos Aires stock market operates on the rise after the confirmation that the country will pay the IMF due date

“The IMF board will hold a meeting to evaluate the loan and the 2018 program, a formal step that is carried out for every country under a program with the agency, which in this case becomes more relevant given that a new agreement is being negotiated and economic program, “said the SBS Group.

“The Payments to the IMF in 2022 corresponding to the ‘Stand By’ program total 19,000 million dollars, with 3,900 million to be paid in the first quarter of 2022, highlighting an amortization of 2,900 million in March“he added.

The restrictions to reduce the advance of the omicron variant in Europe do not affect the market too much as investors are betting that the impact would be limited.

The Argentina’s leading stock index accumulates an improvement of 65.68% so far this year, against inflation that would exceed 50% this year, according to analysts

Yesterday, sovereign dollar bonds closed without a uniform trend. The increases were led by the Global 2030 (+ 0.3%), while the decreases were led by the Global 2041 (-6.5%).

In the bond market, “traders wait for signs of concrete progress towards an agreement with the IMF before betting on a contraction of spreads,” Ber said.

In turn, the Country Risk, prepared by the JP Morgan bank, fell 0.29% to 1,743 basis points.

On the other hand, CER-adjusted peso securities showed strong increases, especially in the long part of the curve, given the expectation of higher inflation for the coming months: in some they rose to 4.5%, such as the Quasipar bond.

Among the dollar-linked, the purchase orders appeared after several days of disinterest, with good volumes both for TV22 and Q2V2, which rose 0.9% on average.