Sunday, August 7

Buenos Aires wants to attract Bitcoin investors to live in the city

The capital of Argentina is being considered one of the main references in Latin America for digital nomads. Thus, Buenos Aires wants to attract even Bitcoin investors to live in the city.

This intention was revealed by the organization of the Nomads BA event, which takes place between November 26th and 27th in the country. This event is part of the Nomads Week program, which has already addressed, for free and remotely, various topics of interest to these professionals.

Professionals called digital nomads are those who, due to their profession, are able to work remotely from anywhere in the world, requiring only a few technology equipment and internet. In the last year, these professionals have grown absurdly, with companies instituting work at home (home office).

Thus, these people are able to live in different places from their company headquarters, and it is common to opt for regions that favor a low cost of living and a variety of options to enjoy life.

Event for digital nomads in Buenos Aires is the largest in Latin America

Who wants to move to another city after starting to work only remotely? Many people have this desire, although many considerations must be made during the decision-making process.

To help in the process, a mega event for digital nomads promises to present the best of Buenos Aires, such as interesting places and activities that can be carried out in the capital of Argentina.

The country’s intention is to receive nomads to live there, and this event is supported by Airbnb and Endeavor.

“The largest face-to-face conference for digital nomads, remote workers and freelancers in Latin America. Buenos Aires is getting ready to welcome digital nomads with the organization of one of the most important conferences in South America. As 2 days are not enough to live the Buenos Aires experience, all digital nomads who come to the city will be able to enjoy a full week of activities.”

Registration for this event is open for free through the platform EventBrite.

NGO Bitcoin Argentina will support event for digital nomads interested in Buenos Aires

Despite the event discussing the lifestyle of digital nomads, there is a clear intention to attract Bitcoin investors to Buenos Aires, according to a panel that will be presented next Thursday (25).

With the help of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, the nomads will get to know the aspects of life with cryptocurrencies. According to the organizers of the meeting, digital nomads and the cryptocurrency community have a lot in common.

“Digital nomads and open Blockchain technology have more in common than you might think. Digital nomads are professionals who, thanks to remote work, have become independent of the location and can carry out all kinds of projects in a decentralized way. Likewise, cryptocurrencies are a form of digital money that can operate independently of countries and traditional banking institutions.”

It’s worth remembering that El Salvador recently announced Bitcoin City, a place that should bring digital currency investors to live in that country as well. These two situations show that several territories are opening up to investors, especially in Latin America.