Wednesday, September 27

Build a Gaming PC in the toilet | Digital Trends Spanish

A quite revolutionary idea, but very freakish is what the youtuber came up with Basically Homeless who was in charge of building a real gaming pc in your bathroom cup. Yes, in the very toilet, to be able to relieve yourself while enjoying a game.

«I turned my toilet into a gaming PC haha. In this video, I turn my toilet into a 12700 and 3060 gaming PC by building a custom toilet tank with a baseplate tray, airflow, and “water wall.” I know more about plumbing than I ever thought I would, plus I never have to stop playing, I can sit there and go to the bathroom while I play.”

The middle of the tank contains all the parts of the toilet and the water. He later built a “wall” with glue and, on the other side of that wall, he placed all the pieces of the computer. The idea was to keep the two separate, allowing him to flush the toilet while he played. Plus, there’s a built-in fan right on the lid to help keep your PC cool.

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