Saturday, December 4

Bulb collapses into’special’ administration – what it means for your gas and electricity

Under the special administration there is no change to your supply and any credit balances will be protected. If you’re on prepay, you can also continue to top up as normal, while if you’re in the process of switching to or from Bulb , this will also proceed as planned.

Once a special administrator has been appointed, Bulb says it will be required by the Government to continue to supply energy to customers and to protect credit balances.

This is different from the usual process when a supplier goes under. Normally, a supplier of last resort (SOLR) is appointed by energy regulator Ofgem to take on customers of a failed supplier. Since September, 19 domestic energy suppliers have gone bust but Bulb is the largest to fail.

Following the news, founder Martin Lewis tweeted the following help for affected customers:

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