Thursday, September 16

Bulimia over Afghanistan

These days of August it is difficult to swallow the madness of the world that is fattened with Afghanistan. The name of the country and a thousand images assail us whether we are back in the city or the last days of vacation in the country or the beach. It’s human to snort, not want to see it, to feel saturated and powerless, to want to go back to childhood to focus only on making sandcastles. But the world outside the nearest bubble, the world that brings us all kinds of screens is brimming with pain and desperation to get on one of the last evacuation flights.

The countdown intensifies the vertigo before that Tuesday 31 when the sword of Damocles will fall on Afghans and abandoned Afghans.

Breaking news after the attacks on Thursday at the Kabul airport add to deep analyzes full of data on the 20 years of US occupation underpinned by Europe and NATO (among many I recommend this one by the lucid Olga Rodríguez) and interviews, many to Afghans, politicians, athletes, journalists, activists horrified at the return to power of the appalling Taliban machismo, others to political, diplomatic, military, academic sources from around the world, experts …

Sooner rather than later any accomplishment leads to when Bush Jr. decided to avenge the 9/11 2001 attack on the Twin Towers on Afghan soil with the excuse of democratizing the country and ridding its women of the burqa. He launched the hunt for Osama Bin Laden that culminated in his shameful and counterproductive as well as little criticized extrajudicial execution seen live via satellite by the progressive Obama, his vice president Joe Biden and his secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Who, by the way, a year before had recognized (See minute 1’15 of Fox News interview July 18, 2010) than the US, in the 80s:

“We had this brilliant idea to go to Pakistan and create a force of mujahideen or militiamen, we equipped them, we gave them missiles to take on the Soviets. We were successful, the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan and we said Great! Goodbye! And we left those well-armed and trained fanatics in Afghanistan and Pakistan creating the disaster (…) that we now fight. ”

We already know this story. I incur the same phenomenon that I detect: we have been days and weeks, journalists and the media, feeding the media arena of what sounds like Afghanistan. “Now he plays” with the same intensity with which he does nothing “He did not play.” They are recovering lists of books about the country, from essays to novels. I come to read with amazement that “European channels and platforms offer documentaries and reports on the conflict in the country“and I think it’s a good thing that their authors shot them even though the entire industry around them crushed them with the mantra that” that topic was not interesting. ”

Why do Afghans who did not matter yesterday matter today?

I myself lived when I traveled to Lesbos, in 2016 and 2018, to report on the refugee situation how Afghans were part of the caboose that no one cared about.

In March 2016, when the EU announced the pact to deport migrants to Turkey in exchange for paying Erdogan 6,000 million euros, the eyes of Europeans (of readers and media) only took pity on Syrians fleeing their war and objected Than Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis or Eritreans they were not the same. Thus the official version of the EU and our governments triumphed. But in the field of olive trees where those who were banned from entering even the sinister camp of Moria were living poorly, they were Afghan and Pakistani legions who explained – as I collected in this chronicle – that they were not economic migrants as they said, but victims of the Taliban violence.

Again, in 2018, in the same place I met Amidi Mohammdi who had worked for nine years as a translator for the United States and related for my report that the Taliban threatened to rape his wife in front of him and then kill him. The couple and their children suffered inhuman conditions in Greece to the point of telling me: “Moria is equal to or worse than Afghanistan.”

Nearby, Akbar Hussein and Rugel Torjik, They asked for help for their son with cerebral palsy 17-year-old who was brought in in a wheelchair from Afghanistan and Kobra Rezai she cried inconsolably because her 32-year-old husband had died on Lesbos from an unattended heart attack orphaning his 3-year-old girl.

I am glad, of course, that the Afghans who did not matter yesterday are now the focus of media and social attention. But do they really do it?

We bring to Spain more than two thousand, but Afghanistan is 30 million and it is not the only state where the great powers play chess with the people for the interests of the same powers that here in the West make the lives of working people worse.

Are we, organized civil society, going to take seriously how urgent and necessary it is to change the insane international policy (in parallel to the environmental one) to avoid global collapse? Or will we continue to gorge ourselves on this bad news today to vomit it up tomorrow and binge on other terrible news the next day as bulimics addicted to hurting us?

Tackling bipolarity in Human Rights of the government and Europe

“Everything is very complex” teaches us power. Thus they give to understand that we citizens are short to understand. But when you attend the current rout, when you read from to Angela Merkel until to the secretary general of NATO to say that they did not expect that when the occupation troops left the Taliban would impose themselves so quickly, when we see the system of our Ministry of Defense to put our Afghan collaborators in evacuation planes waving a red handkerchief and shouting “Spain, Spain ”, anyone puts their hands on their heads.

The official position is to persevere in the error that brings us here. French President Macron has come out to say that Europe must “anticipate and protect against irregular migration flows“The EU intends to leave the Afghan refugees in the hands of Iran and Pakistan in exchange for succulent payments like those it has given to Turkey and Morocco for years to act as bad cop. And Spain …

The coalition government that presumes to be progressive has to end the bipolarity of President Sánchez receiving Afghan planes in Torrejón while at the same time promising Ceuti’s president, Juan Jesús Vivas, that he will speed up the expulsions of the 700 Moroccan children who crossed the border in May despite the forceful judicial order that has stopped them for violating the law.

This is not solved only with the dismissal of Minister Marlaska, criticized not only by activists and lawyers protecting migrants but also even by his colleagues like the socialist senator and Professor of Philosophy Javier de Lucas. It is about betting seriously on human rights and having a strategic vision of coexistence.

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