Tuesday, March 21

Bunbury announces that it stops giving concerts, “source of pain and suffering”

Enrique Bunbury, with almost 40 years of musical career behind him, first with Hรฉroes del Silencio and later solo since 1997, announces that he is abandoning “interpretive activity” in “concerts and tours”. The musician has announced in a statement that it is a “very thoughtful and conscious” decision because the performances have become a “source of immense pain and suffering”, a discomfort that has cost him a lot “to locate and understand”.

The artist from Zaragoza has explained that he suffers from a “compendium of symptoms and pains” that accompany him throughout the day until the moment he gets on stage. “My throat is closed and irritated and my airways make it difficult to exercise and carry out my work,” he detailed.

Bunbury has pending concerts of its Tour 2022 tour, in which it celebrates 35 years of activity (1987-2022) that begin on May 3 and last for at least 25 dates, first in the United States and then in Spain (Murcia, Mallorca , Malaga, Alicante, Granada, Madrid, Barcelona, โ€‹โ€‹Valencia and two final farewell dates in his hometown, Zaragoza, on September 2 and 3). The artist has assured that these concerts will be held but that they will be “the last”.

Regarding his artistic career after the decision to leave the stage definitively, Bunbury assures that he will continue recording albums, painting and writing poetry books.