Thursday, July 7

Bungie Launches Its Destiny Toaster | Digital Trends Spanish

Is the world of video games migrating to that of home appliances? Just like Microsoft announced an Xbox mini fridge, Bungie has now just released its Xbox Bread Toaster. Destiny. Yes, you read that right: a toaster.

That toaster was launched as part of a donation program to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, where it treats children with cancer; Bungie promised that if a goal of $ 777,777 was exceeded, it would create this toaster. And as the goal was met, the creators of Halo Y Destiny They had no choice but to produce the device, much to the delight of their hungriest fans.

The toaster Destiny it’s purchasable from the bungie store on presale and is priced at $ 85. The delivery date is planned for December of this year or January of the following and those who buy it, will also receive an emblem to Destiny 2 and a plastic wrap to store the bread.

It seems difficult to think that someone who does not play Destiny 2 may be interested in this product, but there is a greater purpose that could make not only fans of the game want to buy it. 10 percent of the profits from the sales of the toaster will go to the aforementioned children’s hospital.

If this toaster of Destiny and if the Xbox fridge is doing well, who knows if a new segment can be opened in the world of video games in which kitchen-related products are sold -and successfully. Bad or bad, gamers are getting older and the average age is gradually approaching 40 years, so these appliances for home use do not seem like a bad idea but the opposite.

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