Monday, March 4

Burger King Debuts Plant Based Products in Alliance with NotCo | Digital Trends Spanish

Burger King has just announced to its customers in Chile, and with expansion plans to other Latin American countries, the launch of its new family of plant-based products, which include new plant-based sandwiches and nuggets, which have a chicken flavor but are made from plants, all thanks to a partnership with NotCo.

The new Plant-Based Sandwiches consist of a crispy burger that tastes like chicken but is made from plants developed by NotCo, topped with fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise in the case of the classic and topped with Tomato and Avocado Mayonnaise in the case of the Italian version.

In addition, with its alliance with NotCo, the American brand hopes to bring plant-based chicken to meat lovers, flexitarians and anyone who loves delicious burgers.

“We are proud to launch this new line that tastes like chicken, but is made from plants and brings a new flavor to our customers. We want to go further and those who come to Burger King know that they can choose new options” mentions Lucy Garrido, Head of Communications Burger King Chile.

“The incorporation of plant-based alternatives responds to the need of our customers who ask for a variety of plant-based options without compromising taste, and to a trend that seeks to complement the diet with plant-based products. We are sure they will love it” adds Jaime Ponce, Head of Burger King Chile Categories.

Regarding this new alliance, Maximiliano Silva, Country Manager of NotCo Chile stated: “We want to reach all corners of the world. We are in a complex environmental moment and we believe that, through these alliances, we can make a difference to generate an impact on the planet.

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