Wednesday, May 18

Burger King withdraws an advertising campaign for Easter after criticism: “Eat all of it, it does not have meat”

The chain of fast food establishments Burger King has been the center of controversy for its latest campaign. “Take all of you and eat of it. That it does not carry meat ”, prayed the posters installed in some canopies in Spain.

The campaign, which included other messages such as “Vegetal de mi vegetal” –for ‘Carne de mi carne’–, has offended Catholics, practicing or not, religious or secular, who have expressed their disagreement on social networks. After the criticism received for having also taken it out at Easter, the company has apologized and has decided to withdraw it.

These days, Burger King became a trending topic – a trend on Twitter – due to these criticisms, in which offended users called for a boycott of this chain’s hamburgers and also protested because they did not carry out these campaigns with other religions.

“I am fed up with companies of anything that are created with the right to offend my faith” or “anything that threatens my faith will not be supported out of my pocket”, are some of the messages against the ads. Politicians such as Jorge Buxadé, from the far-right Vox party, also joined in.

But even so, there have been many voices, also from Catholics, who have positioned themselves in favor of the company and against the comments of those who have been offended. In their messages on Twitter they have criticized that, for example, the abuse of minors in the Church does not bother and what an advertising campaign says does.

“Our intention has never been to offend anyone,” Burger King has remarked on their networks. In his message he has clarified that he has already requested the “immediate” withdrawal of the campaign.

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