Wednesday, December 8

Businessmen and Customs meet with a view to improving the country’s logistics

The National Customs Authority (ANA) held a meeting with representatives of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) with the objective of coordinate actions that improve logistics operations in the country.

This meeting held with the businessmen Juan José Dutari and Rolando Álvarez, from the Cciap, was convened by the general director of the ANA, Tayra Barsallo, and also included the participation of the Firm’s Advisor, Ivette Villalaz de Castillero, who reported on the roadmap that has been working on in technological matters, including the improvements that were applied this weekend to the Integrated Customs Management System (SIGA), which had the support of the private sector, system providers, as well as an internal technical team of engineers and specialists in customs processes.

Villalaz explained that the changes applied to the system components allow us to offer a more agile and faster serviceAt the same time, he pointed out that there are currently working tables installed with the support of the Government Innovation Authority, the Secretariat for Digitization and Simplification of Processes that seek proposals for self-sustainability in technological matters.

For her part, the director Barsallo, pointed out that they are currently working with the support of the
Regional Technical Assistance Center for Central America and the Dominican Republic, (Captac DR) in a proposal to create a messaging module (“Courier”) that will improve the collection aspect and put this activity in order, which according to international figures detail that 13% of international trade is handled under this modality.

Some details of the project called “Invisible Shield”, project for the Supply and Installation of Non-Intrusive Inspection Equipment, by means of a high-quality 3D image for the analysis of containerized cargo, which seeks to streamline the merchandise review process through modern, easy-to-use mobile inspection equipment that distinguishes between organic, inorganic and radioactive materials, speeding up cargo verification , ensuring the detection of hidden smuggling threats.

Barsallo stated that To achieve part of this project, agreements have been signed with the Panamanian ports, so that they acquire this equipment that will be managed and operated by the technical personnel of Customs.

The representatives of the Cciap expressed their satisfaction with the detailed projects and undertook to communicate the information received to all members of the union, at the same time expressed their interest in supporting training projects staff to contribute to the strategic plan executed by the ANA.

Finally, the commitment to continue with the sessions of the work tables that have been installed, where issues of national interest are addressed.

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