Thursday, July 29

But what has Pedro Sánchez done?

We started the week with the heads of three of the main references of the Pedro Sánchez Government nailed to three pikes at the gates of Moncloa.

You have to understand a few things and learn a few new names. Go for it.

In short

If you don’t want to entertain yourself too much: Pedro Sánchez has removed seven ministers and his all-powerful Chief of Staff.

Here are three essential items with the basics:

  • “The dance begins”. The intrahistory of when and how the president communicated the dismissal to his ministers and where he caught the new La Llamada.

If you want more, let’s go for more.

Three heads, three spades

“We are in shock.” A PSOE militant who has been supporting Pedro Sánchez for a long time tells me on WhatsApp. “You are not the only one,” I tell him. Neither did the journalists see it coming.

That Pedro Sánchez could do without Carmen Calvo? Well, a lot had been written about it, yes, because of its wear and tear on high-voltage issues like the relationship with Catalunya first and the Trans Law later. That the president could have his resentments with Iván Redondo? Well, analysts have identified him as responsible for example of the failure of the strategy in Madrid, which raised Ayuso, and it is said that he wanted to encompass and control too much despite his mistakes. What could be charged to José Luis Ábalos? It was the most difficult to foresee, but something can always happen that we do not know, especially because with the stripes that he was given by being the PSOE organization secretary, he has always acted and spoken as something more than a minister.

But, Charge all three at once? It is a message: only Pedro Sánchez commands. Avoid creating the typical families and power currents facing each other around the great figures. But at the same time, he assumes the first line of media pressure and all the responsibility for mistakes, in the absence of experienced lieutenants.

In addition to the big shots, Pedro Duque, Rodríguez Uribes, González Laya, Isabel Celaá have also fallen. Fernando Grande-Marlaska and Margarita Robles, who were always in the pools for changes, must be looking around without believing that the phone did not ring.

Lots of new names – start with these

There are up to eight appointments. From the outset, go staying with these:

  • Felix Bolaños. We journalists knew him because he was the great man in the shadow of complicated operations such as Franco’s departure from the Valley of the Fallen. Now there will be a lot of talk about him: Bolaños is the new Minister of the Presidency and he is clearly the one who has gained the confidence of Sánchez these months to the detriment of Iván Redondo and Carmen Calvo. A profile.
  • Oscar Lopez. A familiar face from the Rubalcaba years returns and nothing less than to be the president’s chief of staff. There is a personal story involved: Pedro Sánchez and Óscar López were close friends until López abandoned him in the primaries that the now president won against everyone and everything. Sánchez rehabilitates him and puts him straight into the center of the kitchen. More details.
  • Isabel rodriguez. She is the new spokesperson and Minister of Territorial Policy. Mayor of Puertollano, is 40 years old and represents well other new faces of the Executive: municipal profile, with organic background in the party, young man and woman.
  • The economy is not touched. There is a lot of political fuss, as explained here by Iñigo Sáenz de Ugarte, but in reality the fundamentals of the legislature remain: Nadia Calviño, Yolanda Díaz and María Jesús Montero, those who will manage the economic recovery, continue in their positions and now with fewer roosters in the corral.
  • And United We Can, to yours. The reform does not affect the five ministers of the purple formation in the Government.


Do not pass

  • Eliminating evidence. They report ill-treatment at the CIE and send them “urgently” to their country. Suspicious. The Ombudsman demands from the General Directorate of the Police “a protocol” to process complaints without the complainants disappearing. More detail.
  • ‘Drugged’ meat: a cocktail of hormones, anabolics and additives are used to dope the cows whose meat ends up on our plate. A report.
  • Extreme heat. It’s not just that it’s summer, it’s that summers are getting hotter and hotter. Today temperatures are expected between 5 and 10 degrees above the average for these days. It is an increasingly frequent phenomenon for climate change.
  • Cuba. Today we will talk about Cuba, where this Sunday there have been some unusual critical manifestations with the Government arising from the Internet in different parts of the country. Some try to silence them and others exaggerate them, we will have to wait to see what significance they have.

Things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that the famous San Francisco bridge, the Golden Gate, now also sings. A reform in the rails of the catwalk in 2020 changed the aerodynamics of the structure and, with strong winds starting at 67 kilometers per hour, the passage of air through that kilometer zone generates a hum, a whistle, which you can hear here. It’s cool until you have to live nearby.
  • He did not know that the financial world is putting its eyes on the metaverse, which for now is nothing more than a varied sum of projects, games or systems to connect you to a digital parallel reality where you can do things typical of normal life, such as working and shopping digital objects, having personal relationships of all kinds or participating in competitions. There are companies that are preparing the landing.
  • He did not know that some words of English spoken in the US come directly from Spanish. For example, alligator. Take the expression ‘the lizard’ and pronounce it with a Texan accent; You will get something similar to ‘al lagueirto’. And from there, to alligator. They also traveled breeze (of breeze) or barbecue and other Spanish words that in turn had indigenous origin in South America. Read here.

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