Thursday, September 21

Buy cryptocurrency – these options are available

Buy real cryptocurrencies

A special feature of cryptocurrencies is the so-called blockchain technology. To put it very simply, this works like an electronic cash book in which all transactions are noted. This cash book is not in a central place, every crypto user has a copy of this cash book on his computer.

If anyone, anywhere in the world, pays or trades in bitcoin, it is immediately recorded in all copies of the ledger. This eliminates the purpose of a bank or central bank that processes payments in conventional currencies, such as the euro and dollar. Since the bank, i.e. the intermediary, is no longer involved in this foreign exchange transaction, the transaction can be carried out completely anonymously – you can find out more about this in our crypto dictionary. In the Buy Bitcoin guide you can also read how you can easily buy the popular cryptocurrency.

If anonymous use is also important to you as an investor, then you should actually own Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. physically. There are different ways to buy the individual cryptocurrencies as digital coins or files, but having a wallet is always a basic requirement. A wallet is comparable to an electronic purse or a checking account for your pocket. This allows you to send and receive cryptos, i.e. make transfers.

How you use a wallet and where you get it from differs from digital currency to digital currency. Buying real Bitcoins is also different from buying real Ripple, for example. In the individual guides you will find all the information you need specifically for your crypto investment: