Thursday, July 29

Buying refurbished electronics can save you a lot of money — here’s what to look for

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It can be scary to buy refurbished items, but when you know what you’re looking for, it can be as good as buying brand new.

Refurbished items are generally returns, faulty open-box products, or brand new units with minor cosmetic flaws that have been returned to “like new” quality by the manufacturer. We’re big fans of them here at Insider Reviews — we’ve even written reviews of our personal refurb purchases from Apple and Nintendo.

Buying refurbished has its benefits. For most shoppers, the most convincing benefit is the lower cost. Depending on the item and the manufacturer, a refurbished item can cost you up to 50% less than a brand new one. Another perk is that it’s a bit more environmentally friendly: you’re essentially buying a recycled item. In the end, both refurbished and new items will ideally deliver the same user experience, likely with some differences in packaging and cosmetics, so long as you do your research before adding to the cart.

When determining a refurb’s worthiness, it comes down to two major factors to make the judgment call: who refurbished the item and who is selling it?

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