Wednesday, December 8

CABA: the value of the m2 of used apartments continues to decline and there is concern in the sector

The average square meter value of the one used for standard quality without amenities based on the survey that Real Estate Report carries out on a quarterly basis since 2005 was located in November of this year at 1,634 u $ S / m2.

Although during the last quarter the rate of reduction in value decreased in relation to that of previous quarters, it should be noted that the reduction in prices has already accumulated a period of 11 quarters. “Even despite the drop in prices, the number of transactions continues at historically low levels. The data on values ​​and quantities show a new equilibrium at a much lower point in both price and quantity,” they said in the report.

“The smallest drop, at least in the published value in general, experienced in the last three months would be marking the limit that, for now, most sellers are willing to assume in terms of price, which without an imperative need for realization or convenience by replacement show less flexibility at a higher drawdown. The context and the post-election political and economic decisions will be the ones that will ultimately arbitrate or not towards an even more pronounced drop in property prices.“they added.

In a recent work carried out by the Real Estate Survey on Latin America (RIAL) and the Finance Research Center (CIF) of the Business School of the Torcuato Di Tella University, it was revealed that Buenos Aires is the third most expensive city in America Latin.

The results revealed that the cities with the most expensive m2 in the region are Santiago de Chile (US $ 3,441), Montevideo (US $ 2,923), Buenos Aires (US $ 2,600) and Mexico City (US $ 2,420). In contrast, the cities with the cheapest m2 in the region are Quito ($ 1,225), Bogotá ($ 1,239), Córdoba ($ 1,311) and Rosario ($ 1,544).

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