Monday, December 6

Cabinet approves draft Quality Infrastructure Law to increase the country’s competitiveness

The Quality Infrastructure Law Project which provides, among other actions, mimprove the competitiveness of national goods and services, as well as laying the foundations of a policy that integrates the components of standardization, accreditation, conformity assessment and metrology to the National Quality Infrastructure System, received approval from the Cabinet Council (CDG).

The quality infrastructure allows greater synergy between companies, the improvement of its administrative and production processes, the implementation of more technological and research resources, in addition to providing greater confidence, both to suppliers and consumers, which is a priority for the recovery and growth of our productive sectors, The Minister of Commerce, Ramón Martínez, highlighted during the presentation of the initiative.

“Panama is one of the few countries that has the activities required in quality infrastructure systems, broken down. For this reason, the contribution of this bill is essential, which will align the efforts of the General Directorate of Standards and Industrial Technology of the MICI, the National Accreditation Council and the National Metrology Center of Panama, ”he said.

Proposal with multiple benefits

The initiative presented by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (Mici) fIt will foster a culture of quality in manufacturing processes in economic agents and national authorities and provision of services offered in the national and international market.

In addition, It will allow aligning the actions of the State aimed at the protection of health or human safety, animal and plant life or health, national security, the environment, fair trade and the prevention of practices that may be misleading, guaranteeing the safety and quality of goods and services, details a statement from Mici.

Another aspect to highlight is that will ensure the participation of the components of the National Quality Infrastructure System of the Republic of Panama in all the activities of regional and international organizations, agreements and treaties related to standardization, technical regulation, accreditation, conformity assessment and metrology.

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