Sunday, January 29

Cabinet approves purchase of pills from Merck and Pfizer for treatment of Covid-19

The Cabinet Council in an extraordinary meeting approved the exceptional contracting procedure for the acquisition of 25,000 treatments Molnupiravir from the pharmaceutical company Merck and Paxlovid from Pfizer for the sum of $7 million. These tablets have recently been authorized as antiviral drugs for the treatment of Covid-19.

In addition, the extraordinary Cabinet Council approved the purchase of tests to detect Covid-19 also through an exceptional procedure. These acquisitions will be made via online listing through PanamaCompra.

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre explained thatn the last two months these two antiviral drugs have emerged against Covid-19 lwhich have been approved for emergency use in European countries and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The medicines have Emergency Use Authorization (AUE), for high-risk patients, in the first 5 days after mild to moderate Covid 19 is diagnosed and prevent the disease from progressing by reducing the risk of complications by reduce the viral load and at the same time, the inflammatory process.

The meeting of ministers also approved the exceptional contracting procedure to acquire treatment with monoclonal antibodies for high-risk patients who have Covid-19, through Resolution 09-22.

Additionally, the draft Cabinet Resolution 11-22 was approved for the acquisition of 450,000 serological tests based on immunochromatography or visual reading.

The council of ministers also approved the draft cabinet resolution 12-22 for the purchase of 200,000 Covid tests by immunofluorescence and the cabinet draft resolution 13-22 for 200,000 PCR tests, mostly for hospital use.

Cabinet Resolution Project 15-22 was also approved for the purchase of 410,000 PCR test kits. In total, 900,000 PCR tests will be acquired through different providers.

The draft Cabinet Resolution 16-22 for the acquisition of 293,000 kits for the extraction and detection by performing the PCR test also received the approval of the Council of Ministers.

Additionally, Cabinet Resolution Project 17-22 was also approved for the acquisition of 350,000 kits and project 18-22 for the purchase of 410,000 kits through the exceptional procedure.

For this purpose, following instructions from the President of the Republic, the Ministry of Health made online quotes, a modality put into practice by this administration, so that interested parties could present their offers.