Thursday, September 29

Caixa Econômica signs new contract to apply blockchain in CPF processing | Bitcoin Portal

Caixa Econômica Federal announced that it is making an amendment to the contract with Dataprev for the provision of CPF base data processing services by blockchain.

The information was published on Tuesday (22) in the Official Diary of the Union. The contract is worth almost R$75 million.

Dataprev is the Social Security Technology and Information Company, a Brazilian public company, linked to the Ministry of Economy. It is responsible for managing the Brazilian Social Database, especially the National Institute of Social Security.

The entity has been one of the arms of the state most active in the use of blockchain technology.

In December 2019, the Ministry of Planning contracted Dataprev to provide data access service for the Blockchain’s authorized network of the Federal Revenue Service.

In June 2020, the company announced that it would carry out a public consultation to discuss the possible hiring of support and guidance services for the operation of the Blockchain Ethereum.

According to the publication, the public company linked to the Ministry of Economy is seeking “to identify possible alternatives for hiring Technical Support for Blockchain Ethereum technology for a period of 24 months.”

Now, in this year’s largest, the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service announced that it will share its CPF and CNPJ database with federal public administration agencies and other Union powers via blockchain or other previously defined technology.

Finally, last August, the Superior Labor Court (TST) ratified the contract with Dataprev for the implementation of the CPF and CNPJ databases using blockchain technology.

Blockchain and the Internal Revenue Service

In November 2018, Dataprev jointly developed with the Internal Revenue Service a technology-based information exchange system for the CPFs registration base.

This project, then, was made possible through the Ordinance No. 1,788, of November 19, 2018 which amended RFB Ordinance No. 1639, of November 22, 2016, which establishes procedures for making available data referred to in Decree No. 8789, of June 29, 2016.

This standard, however, has undergone some changes over time. The most recent took place in August of this year, when it was stipulated that the Internal Revenue Service will be a founding member of this permitting network in the Blockchain, being responsible for its creation, definitions and authorizations for entry to other bodies.

In the month prior to this decision, the government had defined that bodies and entities of the direct, autarchic and foundational Federal Public Administration from any sphere of government will have access to the IRS data through blockchain networks.