Monday, May 29

CaixaBank goes on the hunt for households

Taking advantage of the fact that with the pandemic the families they spend more hours at home, both for leisure and for telecommuting, CaixaBank has launched a campaign with solutions for financial the purchase, improvement and equipping of dwellings. Under the name ‘MyHome’, the package of offers will be available throughout the entity’s branch network and its digital banking starting this Monday in order to satisfy the change in consumption and work habits created by the pandemic.

The offer, which brings together different products and services that the entity has through subsidiaries, includes from mortgages for the purchase of housing to furnishing products, insurance and alarmsas well as credits for reforms or systems to improve energy efficiency, such as household appliances or solar panels. One of the objectives is to maintain leadership in the Spanish mortgage market, in which CaixaBank has a market share of 26.2%.

wellness at home

The campaign will run until the end of the year and “seeks to respond to the needs of customers who, as a result of the pandemic, have changed their consumption and work habits and now give more importance to home wellness, and that now also demand solutions solutions that improve the sustainability“, according to sources of the entity.

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The proposal revolves around three options: financing, home protection with insurance through SegurCaixa Adeslas and Securitas Direct alarms; and the sale of equipment through the entity’s online business of financed purchases, Wivai.

As a hook, CaixaBank allows access to a gift card of up to 500 euros for the combined contracting of two or more products. The campaign includes, for example, a loan for home improvement projects with quick processing and without an opening or cancellation fee from 10,000 euros, with an APR of 7.1% and a repayment term of up to 96 months, between other products.