Monday, May 29

Caja de Ahorros will facilitate online payments to more than 20,000 Anati users

The Savings Bank will benefit more than 20,000 clients of the National Land Administration Authority (Anati) by offering, for the first time, with its electronic media platform, the option of paying cadastral services with a Clave card and Visa and Mastercard credit cards, complementing collection via the Web.

With this inter-institutional alliance between Anati and Savings Bank, as well as with the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG) as administrator, citizens will be given the opportunity to have cadastral services 24/7, facilitating technology and the modernization of institutions, generating savings in time and money.

“With this innovative service, the “Panama Family Bank” brings digital technology closer to institutions, increasing the use of electronic media in physical and virtual channels, which directly contributes to economic reactivation, State collection,” he said. Juan Melillo, general manager of Savings bank.

For his part, the administrator of Anati, Jose Gabriel Montenegro, highlighted this alliance for the benefit of users, also thanked the authorities of the Savings bank for taking Anati as a reference entity to start this project.

“We are very grateful for taking us into account and spearheading a project that puts us at the forefront in offering services through technology,” he said.

Likewise, the administrator reported that approximately 75% of the users who attend the Anati facilities in person will now be able to do so through this tool, having access to these services without leaving their homes.

Payment points, an alternative for government innovation

The acquisition service Savings bank has registered significant growth at the end of 2021 with 165 new installations for a network of 485 affiliated businesses, reaffirming its leadership as a solid and growing bank.

More and more Panamanians take advantage of the benefits of technology and facilities such as POS (Sales Points), these generate time and money savings. As a next step in 2022, the banking entity plans to continue enabling the use of Key cards to pay E-Commerce in State institutions, under digital platforms such as State Payment Gateway, Municipal Payment Assistant, among others.