Wednesday, January 19

Call 900 employees to the same meeting by Zoom and fire them all: in just one minute, the CEO of this company fired 15% of his workforce

The CEO of the American fintech, Vishal Garg, organized a meeting for Zoom last Wednesday to which 900 employees were invited. An unusually high number of participants for meetings of this nature that, unfortunately for those called, was not the strangest thing that this video call was going to have, since in that same remote communication the company leader informed them that all those who had been invited to the videoconference were fired, according the BBC.

Thus, in one fell swoop and in just one minute of a video call, Garg laid off 15% of his company’s workforce from one of the coldest and least tactile shapes imaginable. In fact, as soon as the news was known, a wave of indignation was unleashed against the company in the United States, which was described by many as unethical and very harsh.

This is not the first time that has featured in a story of this nature. In 2020 Forbes reported of the peculiar leadership style of Garg, who has long been sending offensive messages to your employees, in which he accused them of being very slow, unable to do their job or told them that they were embarrassing him.

Peculiarities that did not have their last chapter last Wednesday with the mass layoff, since, not happy with that, Garg was dispatched at ease in a post on the Blind professional forum shortly after the video call, in which he stated that the dismissed employees robbed their colleagues and customers for being unproductive, and accused them of working only two hours a day.

Although the publications on this platform are anonymous, Garg himself confirmed to Fortune magazine In an interview who was its author. He also explained that he and his management team They had been analyzing the productivity data of the entire workforce for several weeks, and concluded that the 900 laid off had high rates of missed phone calls, a low number of incoming and outgoing calls, or were routinely late for meetings.

Whether the dismissal was justified or not, some of the workers consulted by Fortune explained to the American magazine that the problem was also in the way in which it had been addressed to them. Beyond doing it in groups through a screen, several former employees point out that his tone was extremely harsh and threatening, and that he said verbatim that a bloodbath was going to take place next year, referring to the fact that he planned more layoffs,