Friday, March 31

Calling 911 from Skype is now possible in the US | Digital Trends Spanish

Skype already allows us to make emergency calls in the United States.

Microsoft added this option after 18 years in the versions of the application for Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Now app users located in the US will be able to make 911 calls directly from the service.

In addition, Skype can help emergency operators locate a user if necessary. The app will automatically share your location with emergency services using the location system of the device you’re calling from.

Emergency location sharing with 911 is turned off by default, so we need to enable it first. To do this, access Skype, click on your profile image, here go to settings and then to privacy. At this point you only have to activate the sharing of the emergency location with 911.

Emergency calls from Skype can be very useful if we find ourselves in an emergency without a phone to hand or if the phone lines are not working. This new functionality arrives with update 8.80 of the service, so in order to enjoy it you will have to update it.

But aside from the emergency calls, this latest update of Skype comes with more improvements. For example, they have increased the maximum length of voice messages from two minutes to five minutes.

Now it also allows us to send the content of the application to an external screen to be able to zoom during video calls, a feature that is particularly useful if we call from mobile devices. Lastly, the PC version of the app will get dark mode.

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