Wednesday, December 7

Calviño, on tax cuts: “The race to the bottom does nothing but impoverish us all”

The first vice-president of the Government, Nadia Calviño, assured this Wednesday that “the race [fiscal] going down does nothing but impoverish us all”. In a solo appearance after her meeting with the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to address the management of the European recovery funds, the also Minister of Economy has defended that the Executive has lowered taxes when she considered that it was “the policy most necessary to contain inflation and benefit citizens”. But always, she has said, in a “responsible” way.

Fiscal competition between communities complicates the PSOE’s discourse and the negotiation of the Budgets

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During the same intervention, the vice president has avoided clarifying whether the Government of Pedro Sánchez contemplates any tax reduction, after the cascade of announcements from several autonomous communities, some, such as Valencia, governed by the socialists. “The Minister of Finance is finishing outlining the General State Budgets”, she has insisted, where “elements of expenses and income are incorporated”. But she has warned: “Lowering taxes on large fortunes not only reduces taxes but also goes against social justice.”

“What are there projects? [en los PGE] that have to do with income is evident when there is a bill that is being processed in relation to these new taxes on the benefits of those sectors that are benefiting”, he explained in relation to the new tax on banks and electrical. “Our words and our actions confirm the determination to take advantage of all the instruments and adopt the measures that are necessary to apply selective or generalized tax reductions”, he defended, giving as an example “the response to the pandemic” and the latest VAT reductions, “to alleviate the pockets of the Spanish”.

Asked about his position on the deflation of personal income tax, Calviño assured that “the position of the Government of Spain is very clear in this regard, not only for reasons of fiscal responsibility, but also for a vision of the country that responds to protecting the middle classes , to the working classes, to the most vulnerable and to reinforce the welfare state and social justice”.

One of the last to announce this measure has been the socialist Ximo Puig, for incomes below 60,000 euros. Calviño has avoided clarifying whether there is discomfort within the Government due to this decision. In return, he has replied that he has been working “since day one” in the “fight against tax havens.” “That attitude that we have towards the rest of the countries, we have to have within our country”, he assured after affirming that “the race to the bottom does nothing but impoverish us all”. “We need to have a strong and solvent public sector”, he has said.

“Positive” message with Madrid about European funds

Calviño met this Wednesday with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, with whom he ends his round of meetings with the regional presidents to “know first-hand the situation on the ground and the pace of execution and deployment” of the European recovery funds. The vice-president has insisted on the need for the 2,000 million euros that the Community has received “to reach the economy as soon as possible”. In that sense, she has highlighted that “they are running at a good pace.”

“The message that I take away from this meeting is constructive and positive regarding the will of the Community of Madrid to fully deploy these projects”, Calviño insisted. Ayuso, for his part, has avoided appearing before the media with the president, something that his counterparts have done, also those of the PP, in other communities. “I think it is a good opportunity for citizens to see that the administrations collaborate”, lamented the vice president. In return, the regional leader has tweeted: “Constructive meeting with the Vice President of the Government”

“The funds are allowing important projects to be developed”, assured Calviño, who has listed plans in education, Vocational Training and R&D, the Chamartín-Atocha connection, the new waste management centers or the animal facility, among others. The vice president arrived at Puerta del Sol with the will of the central government to install the new National Neurotechnology Center in the region. The also responsible for Economy has explained the will of both administrations, that it will be a reference center in Europe and that they are finalizing the last details for its implementation.

At the meeting, Calviño and Ayuso also discussed the addendum that the Executive will take to Brussels in October. The vice president had asked the autonomous communities for their proposals and the Community has responded to that request with a report with 47 new projects valued at 3,800 million euros for different areas: health, education, mobility, social policies or the environment.