Saturday, December 4

Campaigners lose legal challenge against Google on behalf of millions of iPhone users

Former director of consumer group Which?, Richard Lloyd, supported by the campaign group’Google You Owe Us’ had alleged that between June 2011 and February 2012, Google wrongfully obtained personal information after bypassing the default privacy settings on iPhones.

Mr Lloyd said Google “illegally misused the data of millions of iPhone users”, through the “clandestine tracking and collation” of information about internet usage on iPhones’ Safari browser, known as the “Safari workaround”. He added that around 4.4 million people in England and Wales were likely to have been impacted.

Mr Lloyd had initially launched legal action against Google in November 2017 but the case has since been dragged through the courts. The High Court initially ruled in 2018 that Mr Lloyd’s case could not progress, but that decision was overturned by the Court of Appeal in October 2019. Google then challenged the Court of Appeal’s judgment at a hearing in April 2021, which led to today’s decision by the Supreme Court.

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